Thursday, October 28, 2010

4,568 things to do

Hello, friends.

I have exactly 47 seconds to post something,
then I gotta get movin' on the
4,568 things I MUST do today.

I'm sitting at my desk with a 7" stack of papers to rummage
through in order to get all our grant stuff
sent out my there's a grocery list in there
And my Bible study.
But that's right on top, so at least my priorities are in order.

I'm really excited though because tomorrow morning
at 4 AM (well, that part I'm so not excited about),
Brenden and I leave to go visit a college.


His very first college visit.

Wait a minute.
That makes me extremely sad.

Anyway, we'll have a great time!

And he's spending the night in a dorm, just like the big kids.

And I'm spending the night in a hotel room,
just like a big girl.

I'm super stoked about that...
but also sad cause I really want my main man
(OK, my only man)
there with me.

Maybe next time.

OK, gotta go!!!!

Oh, oh, oh!
Macy is starting Honors Algebra II at a real-deal school today!
I know it's shocking,
but I just couldn't teach her math.
So, off she will go to her very first American school experience.

Oh my....that's kinda scary actually.
Please pray for my sweet, quiet girl, would you?


Amy said...

Oh, please tell us about Macy's first day. I am sure she will do great! Has she taken anymore photos?

JR said...

Enjoy your night at the hotel!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh, peace and quiet, time for yourself, girlie time......sounds lovely!!

Madeleine said...


Are you trying to keep up with us northerners and do a million things in a 1/2 hour? It is not it is cracked up to be. :P lol.

Coolness of the college thing! What does he want to do? It is a super cool experience to go with them and look-see.

And a night at a hotel by myself? I think I would like it with a good book, but then I would miss my only man, too.


Janet and Kevin said...

Oh my, I thought my day was busy. However, after reading your post, my head is spinning! Hope your day is wonderful despite the heavy schedule. Enjoy your college visit. Those are fun and a little bittersweet, but mostly fun as you begin to see what your children might become when they grow into an adult.

Also, hope Macy's math is great today!

janet and gang

Karin said...

Oh my heart...sweet Lucy. Prayers going up for her. I am insanely jealous that you get a hotel room all to yourself. Peace. QUIET. I'll want to hear all about THAT, so do tell.


Chris said...

Hotel room sounds good
Not teaching algebra...good
but did you have to add that grant stuff? I HATE filling out grant paperwork...figuring out where all we spend our money.

Hope you survived your day

mary said...

I will definitely be praying for Macy, such a sweet girl! I am sure she will do great - wow, Honors Algebra!!

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