Monday, October 18, 2010

family time {fiercely protected}

The King-daddy of our house is fiercely protective of our
family time.
The boys are often scattered here and there at their
activities or friends' houses...which is great,
we love that.

But we see to it that we make ample time together.

It is seldom that anyone is allowed to wander to their
bedrooms alone during peak "visitation hours".

So last night was pretty much business as usual,
only this time we took advantage of the incredibly beautiful
evening, lit a campfire, and played outside.

Nick and Lucy tandem-scootering.
Brenden giving his soon-to-be main-mode of college
transportation a whirl.
We practiced working on senior pics.

I've concluded that we will hire a professional.

My sweet Macy is far less shy of the camera
than she used to be.

Though there are days that seem like set-backs,
I can easily see that we've made good
solid progress over the last year.

And very recently,
we've made leaps of it.

I feel like a buffalo next to her.

As I've mentioned before, she is really into photography.
I dug out the book to my camera and she
devoured it as she warmed her feet by the fire.

Then she got to work...

And I took a few myself...

Because she's just too sweet not to capture on camera.

It was a beautiful night in every way.


Karin said...

Go, Macy, Go!!! So fun to see her photography. :) There is a TON of info on the Internet as well as lots of photographer's blogs she can look at for inspiration if she has time. I love that third shot of her with her head tilted. SO cute!!

quilt-n-mama said...

It's so fun to see how alive your sweet Macy has become. I remember how quiet she was last year when I was there to visit, I keep hoping we will make it back that way again but haven't been home but 1x since I saw you in Dec. last year:(

BTW, can you email me your new blog link? Can't wait to see pictures of your boy:)

Holly said...

First of all, I LOVE it that your boys willingly do the family time thing! I don't any that age, but it seems to be unusual?? Do they complain at all? They always seem to be perfectly happy doing family stuff. : ) And second, Macy is absolutely beautiful. It's like you can see her sweet spirit shining out of her. What a precious girl, and I am so glad to see her being interested and trying new things. God is good. : )

Tracy said...

I have to admit it was really nice to see some pictures of Macy. I liked the one of her cuddled up to the fire. Very sweet.
I would love to have a backyard, front yard or side yard that looks like yours. WOW!

Angela said...

So glad Macy is getting more comfortable in front of the camera because she is um...GORGEOUS! And her skill behind the camera is apparent too. Those are some beautiful shots taken of and taken by her.

Lori said...

Holly...believe it or not, my boys enjoy our time together and never really complain about it.

Love that!!

Tony and Rett said...

A. You are SO not a any sense of the word.

B. She IS too sweet. I love that tilt to her head toward the end.

C. Family time is fiercely protected at our home too.

D. You. Rock.

Lyn said...

What a fun family!

Jean said...

If you are a buffalo then I am an elephant next to you two peanuts!

Love the pics- she is blossoming!

I love that she reads so much! Oh to have just one, just one of our children love to read would be so wonderful!!

Mandi said...

Okay, once again Brenden has me cracking up. That 3rd picture of him is hilarious. If I were you, that would be the one, you know, the one that gets blown up and set on a table at his graduation party. I'm just sayin.

Macy is quite talented. I just finished taking a digital photography class and still have no idea what I am doing. Her pictures are quite good. I love the one of Brenden looking up at the moon. Maybe she can take Brenden's Senior pics.

Adeye said...

SWEET she totally is:) And you are soooooo NOT a buffalo, friend. :)

Beautiful memories.

Stefanie said...

LOVE this. Family time is WORTHY of fierce protection!! It's so important, I love hearing how treasured it is by your family :)

Madeleine said...

<3. Thank you for sharing a beautiful night, and it had nothing to do with outside, but the people.

Between you and me, I don't think a professional will make him be any different. lol.

And AMEN to your hubby's attitude. He is right and not enough dad's make that commitment.

Macy is ADORABLE!!!!

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