Thursday, September 2, 2010

that made me happy

You simply MUST check out these
two sites!!

First, my dear friend Karin's daughters
are doing THE
most amazing sweet little projects
to raise money for my
most favorite orphan ministry...
Morning Star Project!

my darling friend Connie is making some
super cool candles that would
make THE best gifts.


This morning we got up


to get our fingerprints done at H*meland Security.

It was extra special because Lucy was up even earlier than
need-be so that helped my mood greatly, as you can imagine.
Bless her heart.

Being obscenely long before the sun made its daily debut,
I just grabbed whatever I could find quickly
for Lucy to wear.
Which was a new little outfit my mom just bought her.
little did I know until we were an hour from home,
the shorts were way too big so in order to keep
them from falling down,
we had to carry her everywhere.
Oh, then, only after we had been there for an hour,
I discovered the size/clearance sticker
still plastered across her backside.
Thank goodness she's not a teenager yet.
Can you imagine the embarrassment?

I shudder to think.

I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed our visit
to this obscure little office.
No really, I did.

Seeing a room full of faces gathered from all around the
world just made me happy.

I sat myself down right smack by the table full
of clipboards.
Everyone needed one, so I self-appointed myself
to be the official hander-outer of clipboards....with a friendly
smile, of course.

That made me happy.

Then I noticed a young man who was just starring blankly
at a form he was trying to fill out.
I couldn't stand it.
He obviously notice me looking at him with my,
please-let-Mama-help eyes,
and I jumped on the chance to ask if he needed help.
Indeed he did.

That made me happy too.

Then we got all printed by the loveliest gal.
And of course my prints
took way longer than the average person.
But I didn't mind in the least.
It was the closest thing to a manicure I've had
in a very long time.

Again, happy.

You have no idea how tempted I was to see if
she'd print my toes too.

I know, I need to get out more.

Now leave me a pleasant little comment then go
check out my friends' sites, okay?


Nancy said...

The first one to leave a comment. You.Are.Crazy in a very cool kind of way. I love you and don't even really know you.

Jean said...

Glad ya had a good day!

Love the manicure comment! You are funny!

Good to get those fingerprints done!!

Now get that boy home would ya!!

Karin said...

You are so hilarious!!!! Love the manicure thing. :)) hee! Thank you for posting about my girls' fundraiser, too. :)

Debby said...

What a delightful post to start my Friday off with. Glad you got those prints done.....funny about Lucy's new clothes (I always carry an extra set of clothes for each girl in the car....that's why my car looks the way it But it avoids those sort of situations I would find myself in otherwise.
Now, off to visit your friend's sites! Have a great day & a super weekend.

Janet and Kevin said...

So funny! The funny part is I know what you mean. If you remember back in the spring how much I actually enjoyed the peace and quiet of my MRI?? We moms will take any little bit of special attention we can get! LOL!!

Janet and gang

Holly said...

Love it! Especially the part about Lucy getting up so nice and early for you. So wonderful!! I am just so thrilled for you guys and your new boy. Can't wait to "meet" him!!

LedaP said...

You're a mess. LOL

connie said...

Why do you always make me laugh so much?!? I'm so glad you do because I really need to get out more too :)
Glad you got those prints done - now come on approval!

Madeleine said...


Yesterday I wrote this big long message on here, and it's not here!!!


Ha! and the word verification is truetome. This thing was NOT true to me. :P

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