Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my senior

Today was my big boy Brenden's first day
of his last year of high school.


A senior.

Where in the heck did all those years go?

It was just yesterday that he would sit with a bucket
on his head and read books.
And you can sure tell that I'm a seasoned mom.
I've learned not to fret over details...
because he came home from school today
and said,

"Yeah ummm, Mom, I really need school supplies.
All I had was a pencil...and I had to borrow that!"

So I hit Target pretty hard tonight.

Gotta love those clearance-priced left-overs
for those of us who wait until the day after the last minute.


JR said...

That photo of B is precious (& hilarious)!! Thanks for the giggle!

Jean said...

awww- what a sweet little boy he is!!

Still haven't bought Johnny school supplies! BTW when were we supposed to do that??

Madeleine said...

<3 What a precious memory!

LOL, the one supply he had wasn't even his! You are my type of mom. I TOTALLY get that.

Though every year's most important school supply in our house is school shoes.

Which translates to slippers. :)

megadog said...

I bet you miss the days of having your little boy with his bucket on his head. They grow up way too fast!

Tina said...

That is hilarious about the pencil!
I know they grow up too fast!! *sigh*

Holly said...

Seeeee...we are so much alike. We are starting school on Tues., and my boys still need folders and paper and other things, and I am hoping and praying there will still be some decent stuff left when I finally get to the store tomorrow or Monday...

Cindy M said...

HA! This post made me laugh! My oldest just started her senior year. It's like you were in my head! I forced...and I mean FORCED...myself to go to w.mart at the very. last. second. Most of it was gone, picked over, and surrounded by manic parents. I grabbed a couple of packs of crayons and pencils and left. And the world kept turning the next day anyway.

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