Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We had the loveliest afternoon today!

We went to our friend Claire's house.
Her sister in-law and brother in-law were here visiting from Germany.
And they have the most beautiful children.
They are half Chinese and half German.
Mom is Chinese, dad is German.

Both parents and their daughter speak three languages.
Their two-year old boy speaks two.

I felt like such a slacker, I tell ya.
Me and my uno-language.
But golly, I know it well.


Our two older girls went to the park down the
street together all by themselves.
Believe it or not,
that's great progress for Macy!!
They were both shy but seemed to have fun together.

I had some extended time to talk to Claire and her
sister-in-law. We had a really good visit.
They were so eager to talk about Macy's on-going transition
and offered great advice.


All of the Chinese friends from church that we have met
since Macy arrived are precious to us.

I'm so very thankful.

Their love for Jesus is demonstrated with each and
every visit.

There is absolutely no doubt that God has
strategically placed them in our lives
for a very specific purpose.


JR said...

Praise God! I love hearing about how God is walking with your family and providing so many wonderful people & resources to help with Macy. That is awesome!!

Holly said...

I love all the progress. I just think your Macy is precious! (Along with Lucy and your boys of course. : ))

Debby said...

That is wonderful Lori......

The US school system is largely at fault for the reason so many Americans are UNO language. If they required second languages at the elementary level (when it is so much easier to learn), I think we'd be a lot better off. I love that in some areas (not here though) they do that now.

Jean said...

Beautiful pic of the children!! Wow - 2 and 3 languages- I am impressed! I wish I spoke Mandarin- so I could talk to our new girls- they are so slow with the english.

What a blessing to have time with a friend!

Alexa said...

I'm also half-Chinese, and part German! I have a theory that there's some overlap in the experiences of kids adopted from China by non-Chinese parents and the experiences of part Chinese kids. In both cases they straddle multiple cultures and don't always look like their parents. In fact, when I was a baby people thought my Asian mother was my nanny, and even today some people ask her if I'm adopted! Crazy, isn't it? My senior thesis will probably explore such issues of family/race, so I love reading your blog for some food for thought :)
-Alexa (I was a volunteer at the Luoyang SWI and know Macy)

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