Sunday, August 1, 2010


Wow, it's been a crazy weekend,
what with Chelsae's wedding and all.
*Yeah, whatever*

Last Thursday night Macy and Lucy spent the night
with my parents
and the boys stayed with friends.

And K-man and me?

Well, it was a 24 hour date, ya'll...
and it was fabulicious!

Complete bliss.
To be with my man.
For an entire 24 hours.


I gotta tell ya that we were so ready to
get our kiddos back with us!

What is it about that?
You can't wait to spend some time away from them...
then you just itch to get them back!

I guess it's God's way of saying,

You two need a quick get-away to rekindle

Then, quick as a flash,

Ok, now get back to life!

So totally unrelated to that,
I got a check in the mail from Old N*vy.
I thought at first they
had finally come to their senses that they truly
did need to be paying me to shop there.

Because, well...they should.

But ummm, either I'm not worth all that much to them,
or I over paid, ever-so-slightly, on my credit card.

It was the latter.

Can you believe they spent postage on such a check?

Whatever will I do with it all?

The possibilities are endless.


Adeye said...

I just know that the Lord is going to multiply that money for you---loaves and fishes stuff right there, friend. See it as your adoption seed money :)

Ridiculous that they actually sent it to you. Oh my word.

Chris said...

They gave you their two cents! Well put it away to earn interest!

Sally-Girl! said...

I just love those 24 hour dates!!! glad you got one cuz it is not looking like Big rob and I will be getting one anytime soon!

Madeleine said...

I need a date.

I need to want to get back to my kids.

I bet a 2 hour date would do it.

I need to plant a bug in someone's ear. Preferably my husband.

And the $0.02 check.

Some businesses are 7 kind of stupid in their operations. lol.

Serving the King said...

That is hysterical! We once received a check for $18 from our student loan company when we paid them off. After that many thousands of dollars we overpaid by $18. We opted to frame it with the letter that it came with. But 2 cents? Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

Had a 24 hr. date with my hubby of 25 years last weekend too. It was so nice! Sally Girl your time will come oneday.:)

JR said...

So happy for you & your sweet hubby to have a 24 hour date.......that must have been heavenly!!!

Happy August to you & your precious bunch!!

Holly said...

Ooooh, so nice. Love 24 hour dates!! Our anniversary is Friday, and we are planning on having one soon... : ) : ) : )

And you are knocking 2 cents?? Just ask my kids. That will get you two pony rides at our Meijer store!

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