Saturday, August 28, 2010

the ultimate comfort food

Comfort food.

One of God's many ways of giving us
a happy moment.

Aren't you so thankful for taste buds?
And wonderfully delicious
things to give them a great indulgence?

I made my kids a batch of one of my most glorious
childhood memories.

Fried biscuits.

My mom used to make them ALL the time.
They were heavenly then,
and every bit as heavenly now.

A simple can of biscuits that turn into a wonderful
breakfast...or snack.
Of if you're feeling really desperate, dinner.
Go ahead.
I won't judge you.
Be sure to cut each biscuit into four pieces.

Fry 'em up in a pan.

To a nice golden tan.

A nice dip in cinnamon sugar.

Which leaves you with a big ol' pile of deliciousness.

That is VERY quickly followed by...

My kids devour them.
As do I.

Insanely unhealthy?
But that's right where the comfort resides.

Deal with it.

Enjoy it.

Life is good....
made even better with comfort food.


Cari said...

hey I think I can do that! thanks for the delicious idea. :)

The Thomasson's said...

Those look so good! I am going to have to try that!

Karin said...

Mmmmmm....looks yummy!

Joy said...


Sally-Girl! said...

Funny!!! I just got done making hummus, salsa and some nut and seed butter which all three are on the opposite extreme was what you made but has me intrigued! I know my kids would be shocked if I made them and LOVE them! Maybe I will just have to SHOCK them!!!

Holly said...

Amen, girlfriend.

Jill said...

Funny...not my thing(I am a bit more into salt..LOL), but I bet those would be a HUGE hit with DH and the girls!
Thanks! :)

Our Family said...

Lori -
My mom used to make these too!!!! One of our favorite childhood memories to this day.
Just this summer my sister and I were at Six Flags and we paid $5 for a bag of a dozen lil' donuts, and when we took a bite, we both said "Wow, we could've just asked Mom to make them - they're exactly the same thing she always made for us!!!!"

Debby said...

Oh Yum! I am SOOOOOOO going to make these for the family. Thanks for the idea....

Have you ever sprinkled them with powdered sugar? I bet they'd be good that way as well.......

Kim said...

hi Lori,
sorry- this doesn't have anything to do with the yummy looking donuts! I was wondering if you could email me sometimes? I don't know if you remember but I posted a while back- when we were waiting to travel for our daughter, Cai, that I felt called to adopt an older child. Well, only a miracle, my husband shared with me that he felt the same. We haven't even begun our process, it's still sinking in! But can you share anything? Anything we could start working on to help with our language barrier? Also, if you ever hear of any older girls, could you please keep us in mind?? Thank you. Love, Kim

Serving the King said...

I would comment on this but instead I now have to wipe the drool off of my shirt and run to the grocery store. So I'll try again later. :)

Leah said...

Hey we've made those too! Except after frying, we dip them in a glaze of milk/powdered sugar/cinnamon. So good, but sooooo bad. ;')

Chris said...

bet you could dip them in sweetened condensed milk too :^0

Anonymous said...

What portions of sugar to cinnamon do you use? They look delicious! Will make these for the guys and dolls!
Melba (Sharla's Mom)

Lori said...

Hi Melba!
I just eyeball the cinnamon sugar ratio. I would guess maybe two parts sugar to one part cinnamon?? You really can't go wrong.


Jean said...

That is simple and delicious! I need to try that!

Reminds me of mini donuts from the state fair!!

Mandi said...

Oh my gosh, I have never met anyone else that has done this. When we were kids, we would do this once in a while. We loved making doughnuts. I have made these several times for my kids. Powdered sugar is my favorite. Yummmmmm

Madeleine said...

Oh mercy.

You are not helping!!! I have 40 pounds to lose and these look absolutely fabulous!!!

::sigh::: and these do not look like the kind of things that I could make for the family and walk away from...

I will make believe I never saw this post. lol.

quilt-n-mama said...

Oh Lori-
I haven't had those in years! My mama used to make them when I was a kiddo too... maybe I'll have to try it one of these evenings. Did you just use a regular skillet for frying them in deep oil? My mom always made them with a deep fryer and I don't own one of those.
Hope you have a great week of school.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Lori. I love you so flippin much right now. My mom is out of town in Kansas for three weeks and there's no food here at home...I'm STARVING!!! haha. Not for long.... ;)

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