Monday, August 30, 2010

back to normal

I love it when I get to spend time with my
kids in unique combinations.

Just the girls.

Just the boys.

Boy and girl.

And this weekend it was my youngest fell and youngest girly.

just Nick and Lucy.

Brenden and Macy went with my parents down south.
Bren was dropped off in Nashville to see his buddy.
And Macy stayed w/ my parents to go
see my grandparents in Alabama.

It's been fun.

Rather different, but fun.

But I'm so ready for my kids to be home
and have my things back to normal.


Well, back to whatever it is we are used to around here.


Karin said...

So great that Macy is feeling comfortable enough with your parents to travel with them by herself!

Jean said...

I had just Anna and SArah for 3 hours yesterday- it was kinda nice. They other day I had just Emma and Ellie and we had fun playing games. It is nice to mix it up a bit and have some special time but it doesn't take long to want it back to normal!

Whatever normal is ;-)

Michelle said...

Hello Lori! You don't know me. I started following your blog after I happened on it from a friend's (Sleepless in Thomasville). I love to see what is going on in your "love" story. I can be down and out and see something funny you have to say and the sunshine shows back up!!! I am from Alabama and I was excited to see that Macy had a visit here! Thank you for sharing your awesome story! May God continue to pour out His blessings upon your family. God Bless, Michelle

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