Saturday, August 7, 2010

garage sale success

Where to begin?

Our garage sale was nothing short of exhausting,
adrenaline-rushing, FUN, boring, FUN, moments of time standing still,
FUN, oh and it was a complete

We made $644.54!!

I gotta tell ya, I was a little unsure of what the outcome would
be because even though we had a few big items...we mostly had
little things (.10 here, .25 there).

But boy oh boy, did it add up!

And we were so stinkin' busy most of the day that I had
zero time to snap any pics.

But here are a few from Thursday afternoon
when my mom and I went out looking for political sign frames
that were only going to be mowed over anyway.
So we did a community service and took a few out of the
way for the nice people to make our
garage sale signs out of.
It's called recycling.
We're very earth-friendly.
And cheap.


And here is my mom being the stealthy gal that she is...
(and I'm in the get-away car)

Mom, HURRY!!

And here is a quick shot of part of our treasures before
we put the finishing touches on our "boutique" format.We ended up having so much more stuff after I took this pic!

And here's Lucy helping make signs.

Once again,


for pouring so much of their time into this with me.

There is simply NO WAY I could have done it without them.

I'm so grateful that it's over,
but truly, it was a lot of FUN!!

But my house has been completely neglected for the last few
days so now I need to get it looking snazzy again.

Thanks for praying!!!

Bye for now.

Have a super weekend!!


Karin said...

yay! So happy it was a success! I know how much work garage sales are. :)

Kathy said...

Wow! Praise the Lord!
So happy it was success!
Your hard work paid off!
We will be doing ours in a few
months when the weather cools

connie said...

Oh, congratulations! I love a successful garage sale...especially when it's for such an awesome Purpose!!!!! And now you may breathe again (if only for a minute :)!!!

Jean said...

WooHoo!! Sounds like it was a big success! They are so fun BUT so much work!! Bet it's nice to have some of that stuff out of your house!!


Sally-Girl! said...

I never do garage sales always feel like it is a waste of time, but now ya got me thinking!!! Great job!!!

And what a great mom and sis you have!!!

Holly said...

YaHoo!!! And I literally laughed out loud at those pictures!! Love you, Lori! So glad you got lots of money too. Praise the Lord!

Jill said...

YEAH! Job well done!

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