Sunday, August 8, 2010

boys and a boring summer afternoon

What in the world do teenage boys do on a boring
summer afternoon out in the country?

Why, they shoot milk cartons full of water,
of course.

I think he missed.
But oh well.
It was fun and funny anyway.

These boys are crazy.
CRAZY, I tell ya.


(Aug. 9)

will be the drawing for the iP*d!!

Jump on board if you haven't already
so that you have a chance to win!!


Janet and Kevin said...

Yippee - can hardly wait!!

Janet and gang

Angie said...

Your boys have so much to teach their new brother! :)

Jean said...

That is so funny- I love how kids can entertain themselves!

Very creative!!

What will be your new son's name?? You know me - I love the name game!!

He will love his bros!!

Holly said...

Actually, that's a pretty fun idea!

Debby said...

If I ever come down your driveway, I'll blow the horn before I come around that corner.....

I think your boys have found the perfect activity to be doing when Macy's dates start showing up at your

Madeleine said...

If my son saw this, he would once again start his LETS-MOVE-OUT-OF-THIS-STATE mantra.

...where you need a permit to own a bb-gun.

Because this looks like good old times fun!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Looks like something my boys would do!!!

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