Saturday, July 24, 2010

our friday afternoon

Sadly, it's rare these days for all four of my kids
to be with me at once for an entire afternoon.
The older kids always have
something going on, whether it's work, friends, sports, whatever.

But yesterday they were all with me (love that!) for a trip to town.
I know, that sounds so red-neck, doesn't it?
True enough.

The girls got bored with going to stores that the boys
wanted to go to.
And vice versa, of course.

It's a balancing act, no doubt.

But my golly,
let me tell you...
this 4-year old of mine is a piece of work.
God love 'er.

I keep waiting for the difficulties of raising teenagers.
But it seems that as long as I have
a feisty Lucy,
teens are an easy walk in the park.

Which really makes me wonder what God is preparing me for.
I shudder to think.

Oh and you should know that on our way to town,
the odometer on my mini-van turned
100,000 miles old.

We seriously drove down our country road watching with
great expectation as it changed.And took a picture.

It was pure excitement like nothin' else.

My goodness.

The fun just never ceases.

Note to self:
Perhaps exposing the children to some rich culture
would be a good idea.
Find a museum or something.


Angie said...

I think a trip to town with all the kids actually sounds fun! I know...I'm a little crazy, but love being with my family! I was thinking about your family yesterday and was thinking how cool it's going to be for your sons to have a little brother, but even cooler, how awesome it will be for your new son to have two older brothers who are so much fun and will be great role models for him!

Madeleine said...

Oh how I wish we were in a situation where we could take a trip to town. lol.

The grass is always green, huh?

And as far as exposing rich culture... read # 1 on this:

It really does NOT stop the complaining. My kids are cultured up the wazzo, and they complained about it to no end. Even as teens.

It's a you-gotta-survive-as-the -parents-of-these-kids syndrome. :P

100,000!! Congratualations!! LOL.

If you want to come out to NJ, and hope over to NYC, come on over to the house!

Madeleine said...

oh, PS. That's my daughter's blog, talking about her childhood, not some random child. LOL.

quilt-n-mama said...

This made me laugh, it is so my life only my 4 little are always with me:) We do exciting things like watch the mileage change too... though I wish it was only 100,000 miles I just watched pass by!
Have a great weekend!

Hezra said...

hahahaha.... you are such a nut. Seriously. Thank you for brightening my day. I can beat yours. My van just hit 164,000. lol And one friend of mine who has 2 kids , and drives a brand new jeep, said um, sister, it is about time to retire that van. Well, since people are more important than stuff here, and I would rather get a new kid than a new car... I just though, are you kidding? this thing is paid off!!

Karin said...

There is NOTHING wrong with having fun driving down a country road and watching the odometer turn over! :) Truly!!! I think kids these days are over-scheduled, over-busy. I think it sounds fun and relaxing to just hang out and go to town. :) Except for the 4 year old. hee!

Adeye said...

Oh you are tooooo funny, friend. You are probably the only person on the planet that would take the time to photograph that :)

Thanks for the chuckle :)

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