Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a boring summer day

First of all,
my goodness gracious, ya' can I ever thank you
for jumping into my fundraiser with such

We are so very grateful!!!

Remember, the drawing isn't until August 9, so you've got
plenty of time to get in on it if you haven't already!


Boredom rears its ugly head...

Yes, it's come to this.

My boys.
Driven by boredom.
To do, well...whatever it takes to
make the most of a stagnant moment,
and an empty diaper box.

When does school start?


Hezra said...

haa haa... such a clever kid. ;-) Well, for us school has begun. The summer activities are over(kids theater and baseball) so we are starting early. Today we took a relax day and OH my the hrs they can spend playing video games or arguing!!! It made it clear we may as well be schooling. And, maybe your kid needs to think outside the box a bit for summer activities. yeah, I know cheesy lolol but he had it coming.

Tiffany said...

Ok, totally snickering at Hezra's comment! And you know that they will come up with ornery stuff to do during school too, so really it's a wash either way!

Sharla said...

Too funny!!

Karin said...

And where, may I ask, did he get a DIAPER box? Are you keeping something from us? :)) hehe

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