Sunday, July 4, 2010


We had a quiet but fun-filled Independence Day.

Watermelon, at Lucy's insistence.
The girl loves her some watermelon.

But it didn't brighten her grumpy demeanor
so her father played along too.

Time for fireworks and I kid you not,
this was Lucy's reaction before the first bang.

So Mama had to show her how it's done, baby.

That was just the encouragement she needed.
I'm happy to help any way I can.
You're welcome.

Fireworks are old hat to Macy
and what we set off didn't hold a candle to what
she experienced in China.
But she had fun anyway!
Look how incredibly different their skin tone is!


Sweet, priceless freedom.


Sally-Girl! said...

Happy 4th from China!!! Let freedom ring!!!

Jen said...

Happy 4th !! The girls as sooo stinkin cute!! And I love your skirt!

Adeye said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Holly said...

I always love your pictures, Lori. My heart is just wrapped up all around your sweet girls. : ) And I like your necklace. Is it one of those that African ladies make, by any chance?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Tell Lucy not to worry, I was the same way... for like, eight years. But now I loooove fireworks.
And you look so cute, Lori! I love your skirt!!!
I hope the day was great for you all :)

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