Friday, July 2, 2010

an answer to prayer

A couple of months ago as I was getting myself ready
to take the girls to Chinese church,
I thought about how the wonderful people there have
truly embraced us and have shown such
grace and friendship.

Macy and I have developed a sweet relationship with
a college girl there (I've told you about her before) who is studying
to be a social worker.
She is absolutely adorable and we love spending time with
her and next semester, as her classes on attachment will be in
full swing, she wants to spend even more time with
us to get a closer look at what that's really like in a real life situation.

I'm so thankful for how God has timed this new friendship
so perfectly.

But that Sunday morning I prayed that God would bring an
"older" Chinese woman to us that could also
be a mentor to Macy.

Well, He answered that prayer that VERY DAY.

A wonderful woman came up to me that day and told
me she (and her husband who just so "happens" to be from
Macy's province) would love to spend time with us
and help Macy however she can.

Don't you love it when God answers immediately?!!

But our summer got off to such a busy start that we only found
time to get together with her (Claire) this past Tuesday.

Our time was limited because we were running behind in our
day of running here and there for various appointments and
classes. BUT, our time with Claire was amazing.

She told Macy that when she came to America from China to
go to college, she spent the first six months crying
every single day.
That her English was horrible and she was scared to death.
She said she was completely alone and spent
hours a day in prayer.

Then she explained to Macy how GOD spoke clearly to her
about His plan for her life.
He gave her a specific vision of what she was to study.

And she later became an ESL teacher.
Which I'm thinkin' was just for us!

Anyway, more importantly, she told Macy how she knows that
in China they teach that there is no God.
But that He is very real, alive and has a purpose for her life.

I sat there in complete awe.

In this short amount of time,
Claire opened up to Macy about her experience in coming
to America and how extremely difficult it was for her,
and how God paved a way and showed her His love and gave
her a plan for her life.

Her words were so very gentle and kind, filled with compassion.
She spoke in both Chinese and English,
being very considerate to allow me to understand
what she was saying to Macy.

It was amazing.

Macy seemed to soak it all up.

And now we are eager to go back to her house next Tuesday
when we'll have more time to spend with her
and she's going to make us homemade dumplings for lunch.

We are so excited.

And I simply can't wait to see what God will do next.

He is amazing, friends.


Janet and Kevin said...

Lori - that is so cool! How wonderful for God to arrange that for you and Macy!

Janet and gang

Lori Anne said...

Lori, I am crying! That is so sweet & such an awesome blessing God has given. So happy for you all.

Debby said...

WOW! He is Mighty indeed. So happy for this new found friendship. What a blessing!!

Sally-Girl! said...

So happy for both of you!!! What a cool story!!!

Madeleine said...

HE is always Faithful. Amazing, Awesome, and RIGHT!!!

I love stories like that. When we can say " wOw" and we have to point to the Amazing!!

I am SO thankful for Macy's sake. Yours, too, but in the end, her's first. :)

Praying for a miracle in the heart.

Holly said...

With tear filled eyes because He loves us each so intimately,

Stefanie said...

WOW. Absolutely amazing. He knows every detail of our very souls and loves us so! What a BLESSING!!

Rachel said...

Chillbumps, friend. I'll continue praying!

Patty said...

You know how much I love love love this!!!! So glad you shared it here. Such a good reminder how I need to be more diligent in praying the same for my girlie.

Karin said...

That is so AWESOME!! I love it when God goes before us and surprises us with His provision. :)

Chris said...

Love it! We are praying that we meet just those type of people when Liang gets home. We already have an offer of an exchange student, (she needs to do community service) for translation services.

CK said...

I often follow your blog but don't comment-we have an 8yr old son from Luoyang, adopted last Nov-but today's post so touched my heart and made me cry-we have struggled through some spiritual warfare here and God has been so faithful to bring divine connections, to remind me and our new son how much he loves us and orchestrates His plan amidst the questions and hard times.

trina said...

Tears. So amazing!

We,too want to go to our local Christian Chinese church. Just need to make it happen.

Holly said...

That is seriously goosebumps good!! Praying for your sweet Macy.

Cari said...

What a blessing for Macy and you! I just loved reading answered prayers. Thanks for sharing the Son-shine! :)

Susan A said...

This is so amazing, I needed to read this too, about spending time in prayer to really hear from Him. Thank you for sharing. :)

quilt-n-mama said...

Oh Lori-
What a precious sister God has given both of you in this woman!

JR said...

Praise God for this wonderful provision!! And God bless Claire!! What a blessing she must be for you and Macy.

Elissa said...

Just catching up over here... **tears** Oh how He loves us!!

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