Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the sweetest lucy joy ever!

Not much to blog about unless you really would like
to hear how crazy-busy our summer is already.

I'll spare you.

However, I had to share these pics with you.
The hero of our house
(the infamous K-man, of course),
brought Lucy Joy this magnificent balloon to celebrate
our two year anniversary with our little darling.

She was SO EXCITED by this fabulous butterfly
balloon-kite (as she called it).

And seriously,
is she not the cutest little thing ever?

We are so very thankful for this feisty cupcake!


Karin said...

She is SO cute! And that is an awesome balloon. Way to go, Dad!

Hezra said...

oooh her daddy IS a super hero. That is one amazing balloon.(er kite, butterfly, whatever) So glad your sweet baboo. She is a sweet mix of sugar and spice I am sure. ;-) love to you!AND yay for Lucy! What a good day and what a great family to be called to be a part of.((hugs))

Madeleine said...

She is just beautiful. The smile that just doesn't quick.

And again, congratulations! May bring you new joys every year.

And the balloon?? As Samuel would say : Way cool.

olivia said...

Aww, Lucky Girl! K-man is finding out what its like to have sweet girls! My girls think their daddy hung moon. He can do no wrong and they are going to let him live with them when he gets old. I get kicked to the curb with Isaac;)-
btw, have the boys watch the memorial tournament this weekend. You will get a glimpse of our hometown! Sheri (tesseraemum)

JR said...

That Lucy is the cutest little gal ever!! I can't believe it's been two years already! What a blessing for all of you to be a forever family together!

♥ to all of you from Durango!!

LedaP said...

K loves balloons too! She's such a cutie. Happy anniversary!

Mandi said...

Congratulations to you and your family. Lucy is such a beautiful little girl. I SO love all the stories you share with us about your sweet girl.


Sean and Lisa said...

She IS the cutest little thing!!! Love the balloon. It's almost big enough for her to ride on!LOL!
Praise God for your sweet blessing and for 2 years together!

Holly said...

LOVE that balloon!!! And I still love your Lucy! : )

Jean said...

What a great balloon!!
I love her feisty ways! Not only is it adorable but it makes for great blogging material!

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