Saturday, June 5, 2010

the goodness resides in the edges

Fresh from the oven deliciousness.

let me ask you...

Does this sort of thing happen at your house?

Darn Kids.

Actually, it is just one kid.


Well so be it.

Cause in my humble opinion,
the edges are where the goodness resides anyway.


Audre said...

Yes this totally happens at my house except my dear hubby just takes the whole dish and eats straight from it.

teresa said...

I agree completely!!! The edges are the BEST! My favorite! Maybe you should keep that as your little secret, so that they always start in the middle! lol!

Robin said...

Nope, I'm with Nick - middle middle middle is the way to go!

(This doesn't happen yet at my house but I'm sure it will once my kids are a bit older. Right now they still wouldn't dare LOL.)

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Jill said...

My Lucy would tell you that you need the "Perfect Brownie Pan". LOL! All the pieces look
like the outside edges! (I am NOT a brownie fan, so I can not personally give my two cents, but Lucy swears by it!)

Tesseraemum said...

I'm with Nick! The soft gooey middle is the best!!! Sheri

Karen said...

I'm with you...give me all the edges:-) Nothing like hot brownie edges straight out of the oven. Yummmmmmm!!!!!

My kids are 50-50 with inside vs edges on brownies.

I also like that all my kiddos are 100% in favor of the dark meat for chicken and turkey leaving all the white meat for me and hubby:-) I'm hungry again:-)

Chris said...

I wish I could say it has never happened.

Adeye said... me one house that it never happens in. I LOVE the edges too though. I sneak the corners when no one is looking :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Well, middle children always get the middle of the pan....isn't that a rule? ;)

Becky said...

Hi Lori, followed you here from Maddie's blog (I wish I was more like Jesus). Please DO join in the fun for "This Weekend, I ..." We'd love to have you. I would enjoy meeting and getting to know someone new.

And can I just say ... the brownies. My goodness that is hilarious. In my house they used to take teeny tiny slivers off the already cut edges in hopes no one would notice. But after 3 or 17 times, it was pretty obvious.

Your kids are much more creative.

You have a lovely family. I adore the name Macy. Some of our best friend have that as their last name. Beautiful girls.

I hope you have a great week.

Sammie said...

I love the picture, made me laugh. Yes my oldest son would do that, only he would also find a way to somehow have trashed he whole kitchen while taking the one brownie. He cannot do anything without creating a HUGE mess, and he is oblivious to the destruction he leaves behind.

Lisa said...

i have to admit- i do that myself!!! i LOVE the middle of brownies (or whatever is in a pan like this!) because i can't stand the outside. i don't like the crusty edges. =)

Madeleine said...

AH! Though I don't like chocolate, every so often, I do love me a good brownie.

And I TOTALLY agree with you, the edges are the way to go!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

You certainly do live on the edge so why shouldn't you like your brownies that way too!!!

Kathy said...

The edges are good.
The corners are the best!

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