Sunday, June 27, 2010

delicious is what it is

I'd say ya'll have some major cravings goin' on.

the idea of coffee/hazelnut/cappuccino ice cream
sounds downright dreamy to me.

Paint colors was an excellent guess because I can tell ya
that I would love those colors on my walls
in any combination at any given time.

Mom 2-4 Boys was thinkin' like me.

Hair color.

Yep, that was my follicle shade de jour

You see,
I have this thing about just mixing up whatever
I've got on hand to bring my do back the
way God intended it.

Beautiful and delicious is what it is, I'd say.

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to get some ice cream.


Rachel said...

Weird...they know how to target those of us w/ coffee addictions. I always end up choosing lip color with some sort of coffee related name :)

connie said...

I'm sooo going to miss checking your blog this next week! Could you just not post for a week - puh-leez - lol! Have a blessed week, friend!

Anonymous said...

PICS please!:)

Jean said...

ahhh- funny! Yes that is the way God intended it to be! And he intended me to have blonde highlights for as long as I can make it to the salon!!

They would be wonderful paint colors too!
Lookin forward to seeing the hair color and do!!

Holly said...

Funny--I NEVER would have guessed that. : )

Karin said... way would I have ever gotten that one. :)

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