Monday, June 28, 2010

macy and brenden

Ok, here's a post about the two kiddos who have
been getting the least amount of blog-time

Brenden is on the go...constantly.
So there is little time for pic-taking or recording his musings.
Although, they do continue, trust me.

Anyway, I bought the girls hoola hoops the other day
and Brenden, being a majorly talented hoola hooper,
showed off his circus-worthy skills.

The scholarships will be rolling in any day now, I just know it.

Then there's Miss Macy.
Don't ever think that my lack of blogging about her is a red
flag for concern. She's super shy and it's important to me
to respect that and not over-report every little thing
about her.

But let me assure you, her transition is moving along quite
well and she continues to make slow but very steady progress.
She is cautiously letting her guard down, little by little.

And she ain't lackin' hoopin' skills either...

Please note that the mess in the background is 100% Lucy's doing.
She has taken over our house, our lives, and the world is next.
You think I'm kidding? Huh.

And her piano talent is blooming as much as she is.
It's really proven to be a great outlet for her.
Check out the new BIG hoop earrings.
Her fashion,'s bloomin' too.

She is such a sweet part of our family.

I'm so very thankful for all of my kids!!
God has blessed us richly.
We laugh so hard.
We pull our hair out in chunks.
And we savor every moment.


Madeleine said...

Oh this is a good post. She is looking so great! I love to hoop earrings! Very hispanic of her, out there in mid-america. lol.

Isn't it amazing how some of the most simple things, like a hoola hoop can entertain for so long, and cause a good amount of laughter??

Shonni said...

It is fun to see what those two are up to. I'm glad that Macy is doing well.

Hezra said...

oh wow! good to see Brendan has a future career path. lol Glad things are going well with Macy. She is such a cutie. And the mess in the background? I have 3 kids who do this! I have two who are suffering from very frustrated OCD tendancies(like me) and want their stuff NICE. the others-- their stuff is EVERY WHERE!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Fun update on the older kids. All I can say is it is a good thing you are a hair stylist with all those chunks you guys are pulling out!!! Your family certainly sounds like they know how to entertain themselves and those around them!!!

Holly said...

I love the Macy update! Those pictures are so great. I was thinking how adorable her outfit was. And those earrings are great. I am so glad she is blooming!!!

Anonymous said...

Love her outfit and her smiles!

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, friend, those pics of Macy make me smile from ear to ear. LOOK at her laughing and having the best time. Wow! Can it get any sweeter than that????? I doubt. So amazing to see in pictures what the Father is doing in her life. She is blossoming. I love it.

Thanks for sharing.

JR said...

How wonderful to see Macy doing so well! And she's absolutely positively adorable!!! Her outfit is just the cutest ever! Thanks for sharing!!

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