Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lucy joy and me

Today was quite the interesting day.
It actually started last night when Nick and Brenden's golf coach,
who was here for a tournament and happened to be staying in our
hotel, called the boys to invite them join them for a ceremony celebrating the life of
Payne Stewart, an amazing Christian professional golfer.
They met some wonderful golfers and even got some books signed.
Nick was invited to play in the Payne Stewart Cup!!
And guess what?
He (they) got SECOND Place!!
It was actually a 'best ball' tournament.
Nick was paired up with a 65 year old guy from San Diego.

He won a Ping putter!

no pics from that.

Nick assures me that the course was incredibly wonderful!

So since we were minus one young fella at the park,
K-man, Brenden and Macy decided to tour
the Marvel Cave.
So Lucy and I had some serious mother daughter time.

First it was the Lady Bug ride.
A two thumbs up from Lucy-bug.

Then the butterfly ride,
which is completely different from the ladybug ride.
Actually, it's the same but don't tell her that.

And like any great shopper-girl,
she found this fabulous hat that she HAD to have.
But, didn't get it.
I'm mean, I know.

My Lucy Joy and me.
We had a lovely time together, just the two of us!


JR said...

She's the cutest Lucy-bug ever!! Thanks for the pics!

Congrats to Nick - 2nd place - woo hoo!

Jean said...

How fun to have time with your little darlin!!

And a big WOW for Nick! Way to go!! Second place- impressive!! Of course I will have to share the news with my golfers- they'll be jealous!

Jill said...

Too stinkin' cute! Glad you guys had some mommy and me time!

Holly said...

Aw, that hat is so darn cute...get her one at the dollar store. : )

Madeleine said...

She is so cute I can't stand it.

And if we don't get that mean mommy award often we are not doing our job. lol,

Carla said...

Oh, Branson/Silver Dollar City is one of our favorite vacation spots - Thanks for letting us follow along!

Congrats to Nick! What a memorable day for him! And what a wise choice - lady bugs and Lucy over bats and damp, cold tunnels! She is such a doll! I loved the picture of you and Macy laughing from the other day. Enjoy your time together!

Debby said...

We need to check this place out someday...those rides are just my girls' speed. She did look darling in the hat....good job Mom in resisting that!

Whoo-hoo to Nick. So far, a great vacation!!

Karin said...

OMGosh...that is so amazing for Nick! WAY COOL!!!!

I am cracking up over the completely different lady bug and butterfly ride. hehe

We do the mean, hat for a photo-op but no you can't buy it thing, too. :)

Patty said...

Adorable! I bet Lucy just loved every minute with her mama!!

Debbie Sauer said...

She is so cute, I don't know how you get everything done!

Congrats on the golf.

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