Thursday, May 27, 2010

homeward bound

Well, we will head back home tomorrow.

I'm sad/ecstatic that our vacation is coming to an end.
I love not having the cares of my regular routine...
but I'm really ready to get back,
to my regular routine.

And besides that,
I'm just going to be real with you here...
these kids are driving me crazy.

There, I said it.

Here is a lovely view from our hotel balcony.
It was such fun having great shopping just outside our

Not sure why I took a pic of a shrub...

Oh yes.
I remember now.
There was this incredibly cute Chinese jumping bean
bouncing up and down behind it!

We had some great fun at the pool.
Especially Lucy.

And Nick soaked up the rays.
Though it was an indoor pool so he didn't gain
much color.
But don't burst his bubble, OK?

And it was this very picture that led me to
seriously want to push all four of these kids into this
very fountain.
They were being such brats.
I sure hope my social worker isn't reading this.

And if the last forced photo didn't do me in,
the next two did, for sure.
*No, she isn't laughing, trust me*

I'm ready for my life to resume as usual.

Boring, mundane, and predictable.

Ahhhhh, that sounds nice.


Karin said...

Oh man....I know EXACTLY what Nick is doing to Lucy! BTDT. UGH!! Why do teenage boys get such pleasure in eliciting a screech from a younger sibling? (and then they complain about how 'loud' the younger kids are...)

Cari said...

I agree with Karin, but my boys are only 9 & 11 and they are already sharin' the brotherly love with their younger sibs! URGH!!

Hope you have a very uneventful ride back home. :)

Holly said...

Glad you had such a great/terrible time! : ) Have a nice trip home!

Jean said...

Ha ha ha - well I sure have enjoyed your vacation from the comfort of my home!

Thanks for the great time!!

Drive safely! Don't worry- it's almost over!!

(hey, thanks for the e-mails while on vacation- I was thinkin you were home- oops)

Debby said...

I just LOVE that Lucy's shirt says "Happy Girl"

Have an uneventful trip home.....

Rachel said...

Is Lucy picking her nose in the fountain/brat picture?! You need to start a tradition of having their picture made in that same spot every summer :) Have a safe, un-bratty trip home!

Kristi said...

My Piper has the same suit Lucy has on & it is one of my favs! We are leaving in a couple weeks for a vaca to Mexico - I'm sure I'll have several pics like your fountain ones. kids...gotta love em!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

hahaha, tell us how you really feel, Lori. ;) Could it possibly be time to go home, where everyone has their space? lol. I love nicks face while Lucy's crying in the last picture.

Madeleine said...

Isn't it amazing how pictures are so deceiving??

And it isn't only teen boys who *enjoy* making their little siblings, um, frustrated.

Samuel does a good job, too. :p

Learning Together at Home said...

I am writing this from a lovely hotel room with the sound of 4 positively fractious (is that word still allowed these days?!) children behind me. Thank God for husbands who know when Mama's had enough for the moment! Ahhh, vacations are such a mixed blessing. Glad to read that you all are home safely now and back in your routine. We've a ways to go yet. :)

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