Wednesday, April 7, 2010

more Easter pics...

Being the youngest of our four children,
easily explains why we totally forgot that Lucy
was supposed to bring an EASTER basket to church
for the candy hunt.

And so the workers in children's church scurried around to find something
for Lucy to gather her goodies in.

that would be a Halloween pumpkin.
Well of course it is.
Nothing short of the very best (and timeliness) for my baby girl.

It was super windy!
And no, that wouldn't be trash scattered about in the background...
that's the candy...for the kids to hunt.
Finding treasures at our church is nothing but pure joy
and almost zero effort.
How stinkin' cute is our little friend Micaiah, who appears to be
looking very intently at nothing.

Brenden couldn't help but help.

Our happy girl!

A big thanks to our friends Mike and Angela who took
these great pics!


Karin said...

Now that is just funny! :) When I was hunting around in the basement for our kids' Easter baskets, I happened upon the halloween buckets first. I asked if we could just use those but got a very quick, loud NO. Too bad 'cause they hold a lot more candy than the Easter baskets. :)

Hezra said...

I know how you feel. See the problem is your teens outnumber the tots. You just need more tots in your ratio-- then you remember things like sippy cups and easter baskets. lol Meanwhile,I am about to have the first TEEN of the our fam. And trying to remember that he actually wants to watch movies a little older than spongebob is hard for me to remember. I may need teen coaching. you have such good ones you must know a few things!

Serving the King said...

Too funny! I think we have all had those just use the Halloween pumpkin moments! Looks like a fun day!!

Madeleine said...

That is what I call being green. Using a pumpkin for any season.

Go with that! lol.

And I laughed at the candy just dropped on the yard. That is how Chloe did it for the girls. Just winged it all over.

OH Lucy's smile is so cute! You could eat her for lunch. :)

trina said...

Don't feel bad. We did the same thing for our three little ones. Thankfully, they had white bags for them. Oh but the pumpkin...that is too funny. Whatever works,right?!! What's even cuter is that she is so happy. :)

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love the pumpkin!! hehe

Looks like you had a great Easter, it was fun catching up on your blog!!

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