Wednesday, March 17, 2010

macy's leaps of progress

Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments
and emails yesterday.

Truth is,
Macy's quietness is just her personality and is
completely consistent with the way she was
when she lived in the orphanage.
A couple of her friends have told us that she rarely played
games with the other girls and just kept to herself.
Before we traveled we were also told many times by a friend who worked
in the orphanage that she was shy, REALLY shy, and that we
needed to be prepared for that.

my venting yesterday was just that.
It wasn't so much about finding a solution for Macy's silence
(although like I said, we will get her the help she needs),
it was more about how our situation was making me feel.
Not that it's at all about me...but, you know.

Thanks again, I truly appreciate all of you!

Now let me list for a few huge leaps of progress,
lest you think we sit around just looking at each other!

One big thing that Macy is REALLY looking forward
to is that she and I are going to WA in April to see
two of her good friends.
We are both super excited!
I asked her the other day what outfits she wanted to wear
and she quickly told me what she had in mind.
I just knew she had been thinking/planning about that!
She even asked me my opinion on a couple of outfits.
I was pretty stoked about that.

On another occasion, when the guys were out of town for a
basketball tournament,
Macy looked at me and asked,
"Can we go to Kohl's?"
I was shocked.
Seriously, she's never asked for anything!
And even though I wasn't particularly feeling like
shopping, how in the world could I possibly
say no??
So we went!
And she picked out some great things...and tried
them on in the dressing room,
and even came out to show me each and every thing.
It was a mother/daughter moment that I'll
always treasure.

Food wise,
I had resolved a long time ago that Macy was
going to hate our food for the rest of her life.
I had decided that we would just make frequent
trips to the Asian market and she could get what she wanted.
she has taken a liking to lasagna, garlic toast (of course),
Mexican food and almost anything
with hamburger in it
(she has no idea hamburger is beef...shhhh, don't tell her).

And she loves homeschooling so we will definitely
stick with that.
I asked her not too long ago about going to college...
she said she doesn't want to go.
Kelly and I are convinced she will live with us forever.
I suppose her quietness will be much
more appreciated in the years to come if that's the case!


Patty said...

And WE are seriously excited to see you SOON in WA!!!!! Woohooo! I can't wait to see all the girls together too. And ummmm can you fit your tub o' wax into your carry-on cuz ummm I'm still needing an eyebrow fixing.......LOL

Sally- That Girl! said...

Glad to hear the unspeakable joy in your post today!!! What a treasure you have in Macy! Nothing the matter with quiet, no that I have ever experienced it or anything!!! No actually Lauren is for sure on the quiet side. She prefers being at home than our with friends. It is just fine with me!

Martha said...

Ahhhhhh - things sound good Lori. You are so blessed!!!!

Hey, I happened to be out at CBC as biology was happening. What did you decide to do about dissection labs? They were dissecting a fish - glad that isn't what I had planned for dinner, and I wasn't even part of the lab :o)

Chris said...

Yaay! glad to hear your happy voice again.
you know, I never had sisters and I am only now learning how to live in a household with young girls. My DH assures me they are normal, but I am wondering how I am going to do with TEENAGE girls! Ah well, guess I will just need to keep learning

Jean said...

I wanted to comment on your last post BUT my own personal drama stole the show for me- ugh!

Our Billy is so quiet. I worried for so long about him and I was certain he suffered from childhood depression- not the case- it is just who he is. It took me awhile but I love it. he is peaceful and often in thought. He has a heart of gold and is wise beyond his years. I am sure God spoke about this in the bible- ya know holding your tongue- well mines a flapping while he is observing the situation,\.

It took me awhile but now I so appreciate who he is! My two oldest are like Brenden and Lucy! I never got to hear how Billy's school day was! ;-) The other two talked the whole time!

The drawback is when Billy wants to talk- we drop everything and listen! He is 22 yrs old now!

He is introverted- so different than me- but I have learned to love it AND appreciate it! It takes time to get used to it!

Blessings on your journey with Macy! Thank you for your prayers!

Sarah has only a limited interest in making friends. They have spent their life with friends be peaceful about her spending just as much time with family!! That is her new journey!

JR said...

What an encouraging post! It sounds like God is at work and I'm praising Him!! The girls road trip sounds amazing! Can I come?? (tee hee!)

Holly said...

I can tell she is really precious. Sooo glad she is enjoying some American food. Cassandra sure is sick of Chinese food over there! She went to the foreign food store and got herself some spaghetti and sauce to make, and she said it was soooo good. : )

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness gracious, my friend. This post brought tears to my eyes. Unbelievable how many steps forward she has taken in the last few months. Just amazing.

What a joy that we get to journey with you and see even MORE progress :)

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