Sunday, March 7, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, B!

My blogging habits are dwindling.
I just am so pre-occupied with other things.

Like making odd-colored pants for my son.
And Macy has also jumped on the
bandwagon and has a whole list of dresses she wants me
to make her.

So, you'll forgive me for not posting much, right?
Is there even anyone reading
this anymore?

Oh well, I know my mother is.

I got Nick's pants done.
But for some reason, the very confidence that he
has to wear the crazy things out in public,
escapes him to pose for a pic for my blog.


But, he is wearing them today for a golf lesson
so I am determined to get a pic of him,
even if I have to hide in the bushes
to do it.

And lastly,
but certainly not leastly (I know that's not a word),

Friday was Brenden's birthday!!


Can someone please tell me where all those years went??

I ran out of tissue paper to put in his gift bag...
so I knew he would enjoy toilet tissue

And he did.


Shonni said...

I'm still here too...and I can't believe how quickly our children grow up...Kalyn will be 17 this July and it just seems so crazy.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Brenden!!!

Hope sweet that Macy has her list of dresses she wants you to make.

You have to post of picture of Nick in those crazy pants. Inquiring (okay, nosey:-) minds want to see them:-)

Sally- That Girl! said...

No personality there!!! :-) Yeah, I look at my kids in their 20's and say to myself, how on earth did that happen. It is kind of weird, but wonderful!!

Can't wait to see the pants. Kev is in a big tourney this weekend. Tell Nick he shot a 67 with 4 under par on the front nine with two boggies. Had he not had the boggies, oh boy!!! He probably needed those pants!!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Brenden!! Hope you had a great day!! These kids grow up way too fast...

I am still here and always will be! Looking forward to the pics of the pants!

Nancy said...

I still read your blog! Don't stop! I love your sense of humor, and your children's too. And now I get to watch your beautiful new puppy grow up.

I can just imagine you hiding in the bushes trying to take a picture. Paparazzi / stalker alert! Too funny.

Happy Birthday Brenden!

Nancy (friend of Jean's)

quilt-n-mama said...

I'm still here I just have been distracted a lot lately! Can't wait to see the picture of the pants! And dresses to come. I haven't sewn much lately and how I miss it right now!
Hope you are doing well.

Holly said...

Oh yeah, we are still here, sista-friend. : ) Happy birthday to your big boy!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

We are still here! Happy Birthday to Brenden - 17 year old! Can't wait to see Nick's pants. I bet he looks like a pro on the golf course. I can imagine that you are rather busy with all of your wonderful children. I know we are just adding Elijah! The work load seemed to double! How can that be??

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

Hezra said...

I am still here tooooo!! I read but am not blogging of my own lately. so much is whirling around here but so few words come out. Happy birthday to your 17!!!!???? year old! I am seeing the years flying by here too.

Tiffany said...

I dont think you were the only distracted one lately - we all seem to be in the same boat. Happy Birthday Brendan! And I would love to see what Macy has picked out.

JR said...

Hey Lori - I also check in regularly..... I ♥ love you & your family!! Keep those pics & posts comin' whenever you can. Love to all of you from Durango CO!

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Brenden!

Tony and Rett said...

Happy birthday!!

I hope it was great!

Talley Images said...

Happy Birthday!

tinacd said...

Happy Birthday Brendan!
Love the shirt!
Go Sooners!

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