Tuesday, February 9, 2010

guacamole is very funny

Sorry, I have no pictures.

I know,
my blogging is lagging lately in that regard.

Followers (stalkers) really like pics, I know, I know.

here I am anyway.

So, I had to tell you about some huge progress goin' on
'round here.

First of all,
Macy has a new-found love of guacamole.


Have you ever?

Now that is progress.

But even more than its rich flavor,
she loves the word,


Really though, what's not to love?

It makes her crack up every single time I say it.

And when I told her that it's made out of
she just laughs all the more.

Learning English is super fun.

Oh and get this.
Macy says she wants to play golf.
On a golf team.

she actually liked the idea I proposed that she could
be a cheerleader next year.


You have NO IDEA how big this is for us.
This girl is more shy than anyone I've ever met
but she is slowly becoming more and more confident.

I love it.

Gotta go.
Lucy is complaining about her bangs
and we are discussing pretty heavily whether to let them grow
or trim them up.
That's our dilemma of the day.


Kim K. said...

You definitely need some pics to go with this post. How fun that guacamole is now a dietary staple for Macy!! By the way, I love your "leave your comments" verbiage. I just might have to borrow (steal) it.

Melinda said...

If you let the bangs grow out, put some tips out there! I have two girls, 6 and 9, growing out bangs and it is a little dramatic everyday getting ready.

Marian said...

Guacamole is a funny word ! :) Way to go on all the new found confidence!! Grace & Peace

Anonymous said...

Grow them out now. She will want them long when she gets a little older & it's much easier to clip them back or put a headband in now than to listen to the tween whining later.

JR said...

Even though you didn't ask us for our opinion/vote......I say "grow out the bangs!!!!!" I find that it really simplifies life, that is, once the horrendous "growing out" transitional phase is over.

♥ hearing about Macy's progress - such a sweet precious treasure from the hand of God to your family!

Leah said...

I love watching how she is slowly coming out of her shell. And it is so exciting to wait and see who she is gonna be and what activities she is gonna be good at. Oh the love that God has for us that He lets us tag along on this incredible journey.

Holly said...

Oh, don't worry about pictures. We can do without them if we need to. lol
Such good news about Macy. I LOVE it! And don't you love dilemmas about bangs? So much better than dilemmas about boys or bills, or other such matters. : ) Enjoy your day! Pray for us. We have a sick little girl.

Our Family said...

Oh no, I've been found out!!!!
Why is it that reading about others' mundane daily ins and outs makes our lives seem, well, more normal. And why do we feel less crazy about our choices when we see others doing the same crazy things (you know, adoption, homeschooling......)
Thanks for opening up a window into your lives for us "stalkers" out there.... We so enjoy the peek. Pics or no pics.

Tony and Rett said...

Can you blame her? I mean, guacamole...that word is hysterical!

Glad the confidence is coming along!

McNew Family said...

TWO cheerleaders in the house????? Oh my goodness - what a party! Hmmmm - does guacamole sound like another chinese word that seems funny when used to describe a food???? You could be in trouble, you know, for saying something bad!

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