Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I must tell you that I'm disappointed.

Really disappointed.

I had a big afternoon planned.

A very special appointment scheduled...
that I've been looking forward to
for weeks now.
But the place called and said they needed to reschedule me.

*sniff, sniff*

I had visions of a relaxing moment...even hopes
of a cheese & fruit platter being offered...
and perhaps a refreshing beverage.

But now,
my hopes are dashed because
my mammogram was postponed because their
stupid machine is broken.


Would it really hurt for them to just humor
me and pretend that it was working,
just so I could have one
of those rare times where it's all about me...with no children in sight?

Oh well.

My calendar now proudly displays a fresh new
appointment for a couple weeks from now.


So this is what it has come to...
me, actually excited about being pressed and squeezed
into a vice that is as unnatural as anything I can think of.



Leah said...

Yup. That reminds me I am supposed to be booking my appointment too. CRAAAAAAAP.

Karin said...

Forget the wine and cheese and take some comfort in a big chocolate brownie and a Starbucks. You'll feel better soon. I's so disappointing. I hope you can bear up under the sadness and devastation that this news must bring.

Madeleine said...

AARRGGHHH. I just remembered I need to make one of these appointments too.

You poor thing. lol. The time will come soon enough.

And the pictures of your boy for his birthday and hilarious! What a cutie. And forgive me, but I never did get that 'hit the little ball as hard as you can' thing. I know I am wrong, but watching golf is kind of like watching the grass grow. Maybe it is more fun to play. Maybe.

Chris said...

Poor baby...just think of all you can do with those extra hours.
Do they actually offer you a cheese tray?

Tesseraemum said...

I have a card offering a free gift with mine! I'm with you! Pretty bad when we look forward to Mamograms GYN and dentists visits! I guess God gives us these little thrills because He knows we would not be able to handle a weekend at the beach or a massage!! Try us Lord, trust us with a beach house or hotel spa! We can handle it we promise!!

Tesseraemum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy said...

So, so sad that that the highlight of your life is getting a mamo. Ugh!!!I thought you were going to say you had a day at the spa planned.

Jean said...

Why don't you go ahead and schedule your colonoscopy- then we'll see how excited you are for a little "me" time!

Okay- I know it would be years and years too early but I thought it would be fun to say!

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