Tuesday, February 23, 2010

nick's birthday post

It's been 24 hours and I'm just now getting to
Nick's birthday post.
And it's not really all that exciting.
The post, that is.

Nick says that he has been 14 for about 3 years now
(which is funny because I plan to stay my age for another 3 also)
and he is glad that he is FINALLY 15!

I gotta tell ya,
I love this kid.

Brenden is the big clown of the family,
but Nick has a more subtle but equally as funny personality.

He is constantly making me laugh.

We had a lovely birthday dinner.
After basketball practice
after a golf meeting.

All gifts were golf-related, of course.
Nice of him to put on his best shirt.

And my camera wouldn't know what to do if Lucy
didn't strike a pose each time I fired it up.

This is her "ballerina" stance.
She fell off backwards right after
I snapped this pic.
Don't tell her, but it was pretty funny.


Karin said...

Very nice headwear, Mr. Nick. He looks like a lot of fun. :)

And Miss Lucy, well, she is ALWAYS a hoot!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Nick!! I do love the quiet more subtle ones too, just like our Billy! For the first three years of his life I thought he suffered from childhood depression but no, he is just more introverted, more reserved and I love it!!

Maybe Lucy is ready for another dance class?

Debby said...

Happy Birthday Nick....Me thinks with a license on the line, he won't spend 3 yrs at 15...=)

I love that Lucy & there are many moments that I can picture her & Jami doing the exact same things!!

Mandi said...

Love Nick's hair. Did Miss Lucy do that to him???

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Holly said...

Happy, happy birthday to Nick! I hope he had a fabulous day!! I can tell Lucy did. : )

connie said...

Happy birthday, Nick! What fun!

Anonymous said...

My 17 yr. old loves to wear that same shirt!:)

Lori Anne said...

What's with the PINK wrapping paper for the 15yo young man? :)

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