Friday, January 15, 2010

some "me" time

Well jeepers creepers. I just don't have time, nor much material, to blog lately. Life is busy, busy, busy...lots of funny things going on...blah, blah, blah, but for the life of me, when I find a minute to sit down at the computer, none of it comes to mind.

I will tell you that yesterday held some glorious "ME" time. Yep, it was months in the making as I planned and waited anxiously for the day to finally arrive. I woke up with a rush of joy in my heart and chugged down my coffee/chocolate cake breakfast. Then I carefully primped and prepared for my big event.

It happens about this time every year...a chance for me to leave the kids behind in the safe care of my dear husband. I drove away feeling giddily alone in my mini van, that is usually packed full of a very vocal Lucy and three teens complaining about it.

But this day, was all about me.

You're way ahead of me, aren't you? You all know me too well.

I got to go to my Well Woman visit! I couldn't even wipe the smile off my face as I told my doctor (whom I LOVE) that I felt like I was at a spa. She cracked up and told me she could totally relate (she has a 2 1/2 year old...but that's she can't relate nearly as much as she thinks she can).


I was in and out much sooner than I had hoped. Didn't even have time to read an outdated magazine. Nor did I take the time to stop for a cappuccino like Dr. Holly prescribed.

Oh well, it was a great time, no less.

How sad is my life?

Then life went on as usual as I was whipped back into reality....lots of school work at shopping...a little (and I do mean little) housework...then off to yet another basketball game.

Life is fun.

I'll leave you with this sweet pic of Lucy. She quickly got into her post-mode when I pointed the camera at her.

I'd like you to take note of her TWO headbands and black patten leather shoes (with jeans). The girl's got style...all of her own.


Jaime said...

no fun stories of peeing in a cup or making sure everything is wiped properly?
sheesh. you're slacking lady.

Jo said...

I have to say, Lucy and my girls would totally get along. They're all about the accessories. My older daughter even asked me one Sunday, "Since I'm dressed and have my shoes on, now can I pick out some accessories?" The more (and fancier) the better!

Jean said...

So glad you had a little "me" time! You really should have scheduled 2 doctor appts in a row- NOW that would have really been fun!!

My life is equally as sad!


Hezra said...

um, wow, if you really wanna make that a great day, tell them you feel a lump and you really want a mammogram because it would put your mind at ease. They will give you half a day. Half a day of pictures and saying, don't worry you arent the smallest we have seen(I about cried for the other woman that was-- or were they lying to make me feel better?) Anyway, add that to the well woman check, and you have yourself quite a day. um, yeah, but not really so spa-like. You are a nut. But th sad fact is, darnit, I know when you go in for yours mine is right around the corner too.That is a very odd friendship link.

Nancy said...

Hey I went to the "Yuky" doctor this week, too. Now, you should really go to the spa!!!

Sarah Elizabteh said...

Lucy and I should be best friends; her style reminds me of mine. :)

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness---you are tooooo funny, friend :)

Angie said...

Oh, man, you are too funny! And did I read correctly that you had chocolate cake for breakfast? YES!

Debby said...

Well, there is "me" time & then there is "ME" need more of that "ME" time!!!!

However, at least you being kind to yourself & indulging that chocolate cake for breakfast ideal...=)

Victoria said...

Lori, you crack me up!!

Now if you want an ENTIRE day to yourself, you have to wait until you"re 50...then you get to go in for a colonoscopy!! Talk about FUN! Yes, age has it's rewards!

Chris said...

You guys are nuts! For fun I go to the dentist!
I at least still have magazines to read in their office. All the Dr offices took out their magazines to fend of H1N1.
We are a pitiful bunch of ladies...I'm going for groceries....alone!

Tesseraemum said...

SOOO TRUE!! I recently had my "visit" They were particularly slow. They kept apologizing.. I just said I wish I had known.. I would have brought my book and soda! They laughed but I was serious! A little quiet room all to myself. I'm wondering if they will take a copay and let me just have a room for a couple of hours!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh the "visit" mine scheduled next month smack dab in the middle of the late afternoon, something to look forward to all day. I guess it's better than going to the dentist and listening to that drill!!! And where you can't enjoy a good cup of coffee afterwards cause you either can't taste it or you have to wait the 30 minutes for the poison/fluoride to settle into your gums and bloodstream!

Holly said...

Yeah, that's Me time all right! I always look forward to it myself, well, besides the uncomfy part. But a couple Saturdays ago, guess what I did? While Scott was still sleeping and the kids were in the basement watching cartoons, I LEFT and went to McD.s to have some coffee and read my Bible. (The coffee is cheaper there than at a coffee shop.) And it was quite wonderful. :)

quilt-n-mama said...

You have me rolling but I'm with you in.... I'd love some me time but not enough to schedule a well woman visit!!!!!ack! My doctor's office has to hunt me down to schedule one of those or I have to be working on papers that require it!
Great Lucy pic. I was going through pictures on the computer the other night and sort, editing, etc. Nate saw pics of our visit to your house and announced "She fun!" we need to come visit again... maybe work on the future arrangement for the too:)
I have been enjoying my little coffee stash in the mornings, thanks:)

connie said...

Hey, girl, whatever it takes to get 'me' time - lol! Our lives are pitifully glorious!

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