Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas! **better late than never

It seems a little anticlimactic to be posting Christmas pics at this point. But since several of you asked and since I can't stand not to post a good pic (or 12), here you go!

Christmas Eve...

Macy and Lucy waiting to dig into their stockings at Ninny's house!

My big boys

Out of 15 grandchildren...only 3 are girls. Aren't they darling? One of them looks ever so slightly different from the other two. But not much.

Christmas Morning...

Those snuggies on TV look so innocent but how scary is this?!!

Nick and his new sock monkey (that HE asked for). My young men still have some little boy left in them. LOVE IT!!

Is there anything better than a little one sitting on your lap on Christmas morning? I dare so NO!

Carefully examining some gifts...

Sweet Macy waiting to open her next present. **Could I not have had her sit in a more picturesque and festive place?

Ok, seriously. I'm ready for a major present.

What? For me? A brand new stereo for my car? Life is good.

Yep, now that's what I call a great present!

Lucy and my great-nephew...I don't just mean he's great (he really is) but...yes he is my GREAT-nephew. Yes, I'm that old.

A well-rounded girly-girl sporting her new ride...and tutu...and glittery shoes.

I absolutely love Christmas and I'm quite sure that I get even more excited about it all than the kids. I am so very thankful for all the wonderful gifts that were given and received, symbolizing the generosity of our Savior.

God is amazingly good...I just can't get over that.

And I hope I never do.


Angie said...

Merry belated Christmas to you! Love the photos...looks like fun was had by all. And it looks like your extended family could use some more girls? Just sayin'...:)

Jean said...

Merry Christmas! Loved seeing the pics of your crew! Looks like everyone had a wonderful couple of days!

Our Family said...

Merry Christmas - and it IS Three King's Day today, so you're really not all that late.
Looks like you had a really nice Christmas.
I do dare say my hubby and I love Christmas even more than the kids - but I think it is because we really GET the gift we received that first Christmas. We know how much we needed it much more than even my big kids do yet. So we love to celebrate it in a BIG way!!!!

Rachel said...

Welcome back friend! I must admit the "Stork" post made my heart skip... :)
Happy New Year!!!

Tony and Rett said...

So glad you're back!

Christmas looked FUN, and for what it's worth...I still have yet to post Christmas pics too! (And I didn't have the modem excuse!)

JR said...

Great pics!! Thanks for (finally - tee hee!) sharing!!! Happy New Year to you & your precious family!

Karin said...

Glad you posted the pics..they are great! The tutu picture is hilarious. :) That girl!!!!

Karen said...

Merry Christmas a bit late. Love the pics. Admit it...you got up and showered, and put on cute jammies before coming down for Christmas presents and pictures, right? No one looks that good just out of bed:-) Thanks for sharing the pics.

Holly said...

It's so good to have you back!! Love the pictures, and I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas!

McNew Family said...

Merry Christmas, Lori! SO nice to have you back!!!! LOVE the upholstery on the chair that Macy and Lucy are sitting on - just like our fav love seat before the fire!!!! Hey - the photo of the 3 grand gals - are they twins? hee hee which ones???? My teeners LOVE their couch cozies, but boy do they look ridiculous! Blessings!!!

Lisa said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a great time at your house.

Glad the computer is up and running.

Newark, Ohio

Shanna said...

So sweet! Glad that your Christmas was wonderful! I am still laughing about Lucy with her tu tu and riding toy :)

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