Thursday, January 7, 2010

a macy update

Much progress.

I'm so very thankful for each little ounce of progress that Macy makes as she settles into our family. I truly celebrate every little how she gets comfy on the couch and pulls a blanket over herself. That's SO small, I know. But really, it's huge. It shows me that she is starting to feel at home. Oh how it does my heart good.

Yesterday we received a big box in the mail. It was for Macy from two young women to whom I am forever grateful. Chrissy and Julee spent time in Macy's orphanage pouring the love of Christ into the kids there. Just before coming back to America, they went on a shopping mission to find Macy some great Chinese movies and books to send to her. These gals are on my good list for life.

I wish I could have captured Macy's expression when she saw all of what was in the was priceless as her surprised eyes took it all in.

I also wish I could have captured her expression when she saw me taking pictures of it all. She once again had confirmation that her new Mama is a little on the nutty side. Oh well, she needed to learn it sooner or later.

THANK YOU CHRISSY AND JULEE!! You two ROCK!! Totally. **Please do check out their blogs...they haven't updated in a while (hint, hint) but their pictures of the babies they ministered to are priceless.


Another area that we've seen some progress in is food. I'm telling ya, this sweet girl has struggled greatly in this area. I won't lie, it's been a tad frustrating for me, as the cook. But I constantly remind myself of how I felt about Chinese food the first time we traveled to China. That always gives me a great amount of compassion for her.

But just in the past week or so, something has changed. She's starting to like it...ever so slightly. Woot woot.

I made my famous (or not so) steak fajitas last night. And of course, since Macy will not (willingly) eat beef (I sneak it in sometimes...shhh), I made some chicken for her fajitas. Well, my eyes were wide and mouth to the floor when I saw her loading it up with all the fixins'. Sauce, guacamole,and even, *gasp* SOUR CREAM. What the heck? It was all I could do not to jump up and down.

We sat down at the table and K-man said, "Wow Macy, you are turning into quite the American eating Mexican food like that."

Ha! Yes, indeed.


Karin said...

Every Chinese person I know HATES Mexican food, so that is amazing progress for Macy to start liking it! :)

Thank you for the blog links..I went and read their blogs...amazing!!

Chris said...

Love that last comment from your son!! It made me laugh out loud!!!

Debby said...

What??!! No pics of the fajita eating girl?? I jest....that's really wonderful how settled things are becoming. AND, what a wonderful gift those girls sent to Macy...ministering in China & at home.

The Thomasson's said...

Oh I am not very good at trying new foods...So I totally understand Macy on this point.I am already nervous about the whole food situation when we go to Taiwan to pick up our daughter. But what great progress she is making!

Jill said...

I love watching her blossom!

Lisa said...

SO glad to hear that there is continued progress at your house.

Newark, Ohio

Joy said...

Sarah LOVES Tex-Mex food. She usually has those chewy beef fajitas when we go out. Last time we mixed it up a bit and served her carnitas (pork taco type thing).

I know what you mean about the blanket thing. Can you imagine being in their shoes, having to do what they've done by joining our families?

Patty said...

Oh so awesome about the packages!!! It helps SO MUCH doesn't it, when they can get something in the mail from someone familiar, it makes it all ok. Today we had a huge FIRST---Ellie came downstairs this morning in her pj's!!! And ate bkfst!! Progress!

Shonni said...

I am so glad for you all and for Macy as she continues to settle in with her family.

quilt-n-mama said...

Little steps are awesome! And what a blessing for Macy to get a package filled with so much love!
Hope you are doing well, I need to drop you an email and send you a few pictures as well, I am finally starting to get caught up... for a moment anyway:)

Sarah Elizabteh said...

Wow! Progress!
Being, originally anyway, a shy person, this is progress.
When I used to be at people's house, I would never use their blankets or *gasp* get myself something to drink!

JR said...

Wow, Lori, such great news! Thanks for sharing this wonderful update/praise report!! Do you & K have plans to come back to Durango anytime soon? (hint, I would LOVE to meet Macy.

Love you guys!!

Adeye said...

Oh how absolutely wonderful, dear friend. What amazing victories your precious angel is having. That is such a fabulous gift she was given. So wonderful.

Yeah, I can't imagine there being too many Chinese people around who love Mexican food :) That is a HUGE step in the right direction for sweet Macy.

Love and hugs

Shanna said...

It is truly a wonderful thing when we see our kiddos happy with what is on their plates!! LOL!
Baby steps.... and how we rejoice in those sweet, sweet baby steps!
Way to go mom!

Jean said...

Yeah- I love reading Macy updates! I love how much you appreciate every little step in the right direction! I love your heart!! You are a wonderful MOM!

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