Friday, January 29, 2010

attachment at the beauty shop

As a spry 13 year old, I clearly felt the calling to be a hair stylist. Wow, big calling, I know. But actually, when God calls you to do something, it truly is BIG and He will use it for mighty things!

Little did I know, so many years ago, that my calling to do hair would go far beyond just adding a few $$ to our income. Wow, there was so much more that God had in mind for this little stay-at-home-mom/hairstylist!!

Macy loves for her hair to look cute...but she doesn't like to do it herself.

*Big ol' flashing light bulb*

So I have slowly transitioned her into letting me do her hair. I first suggested it nonchalantly because I didn't want her to think I was trying to change her or make her feel that I didn't think she was capable of doing it herself.

But she has quickly discovered just how glorious it is to have someone, not only style her hair...but to wash, dry and flat iron it. And I'm not talkin' head hanging over kitchen sink while mom pulls and tortures (does this ring a bell with anyone else's childhood but mine?).

I mean my girly gets THE WORKS. We scamper down to my shop and she gets to lean back and get a good head scrubbin' and relaxing style...right in her very own "salon" at home.

God is no doubt using this very calling that I heard a gazillion years ago, to serve my sweet girl and to build attachment in a very unique way.

Wow, I'm so thankful!!!

No pics of Macy (she strictly forbids the paparazzi from her hair appointments!) but here is a cute one of Lucy enjoying hers!


Holly said...

Such a precious post, Lori. I love your heart for Macy. And I'm just so happy for you that you continue to find ways to bond with her. I sure wish I could do hair!

Karin said...

I love it! God can use us in so many unique ways. I wish I was close enough for you to minister to me. hee... I would even let the paparazzi in if it meant a nice long head massage. :)

Jo said...

My whole family needs haircuts--want to come to Illinois?

Rachel said...

Could you fit me in this afternoon at 3:00?! :)

Holly said...

God's ways and His callings never cease to amaze me.
I'm thankful this afternoon for YOUR calling and how He is using it in ways you never could have imagined before!

Joy said...

First, let me say that Lucy reminds me of Quinn in that picture and those two really need to get together. I think they would have a great time. :-)

You are right about the hair care. I'm glad Macy likes for you to do her hair. I wash Sarah's but over the tub. I need one of those sinks. :-)

JR said...

What a sweet post!! I love ♥ how you minister to your precious girls - such a wonderful time of bonding! You're one rockin' hairstylin' mom!!

Leah said...

I need some of that ministry here. lol. It's not looking too pretty, let me tell ya. I love fixing my girls hair, although I never thought of it as an oppotunity for attachment. Thanks you for being such a good example!

quilt-n-mama said...

I'm so excited for this connection for you!!! Who doesn't like to be pampered at the salon.... can I visit your salon next time I'm in your neck of the woods?!?! :-)

Tracy said...

That is a very sweet picture. How awesome is that that you have your very own and cute by the way salon in your home. I too went to beauty school, but because of lack of good childcare for my kids had to back out of the full course and do just the nail tech. Didnt really like that and gave up my license several years ago.
Your right though, what better way to bond with your daughter and make her feel fabulous at the same time.
Will you be my mommy! : )

Chris said...

boy does the head over the sink ring used to make me lay on the sink....I still remember how hard that counter was.
Since I don't cut my hair (never have) I haven't had anyone else wash my hair, but me....but now Faith thinks she should help me

Adeye said...

How absolutely AMAZING is THAT????? Love love love it, my friend. I bet she absolutely loves every minute of it...just being a girl and doing all the girly things that she was robbed of for such a long time.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

connie said...

I love the unique ways God allows us to reach our children. What's really cool ~ He knew years ago you'd use that gift today!
Can you squeeze in ten more - lol!

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