Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gotcha year later

It's simply unbelievable....

that it's already been a year.

To look at all the pictures of Lucy on that day is heartbreaking to me.
While we were filled with excitement,
she was filled with tremendous fear.

It still hurts my heart to look at her sad face on that day....
seeing one of my children with such sadness and confusion is
hard to take in.

She entered the room and my heart filled with joy.

Poor little pumpkin had absolutely no idea
what was going on....

This seems so cruel.

We tried everything to console her....
We were asked to take Lucy down to the lobby
of the building we were in, in hopes of
calming her down.
It worked.

Arriving back at the hotel....sweet girl was exhausted.

For the next few days she would go to the window
and yell "Mama!" (her foster mom...the only
mom and family she had ever known).
Her voice was so desperate and it still
makes me cry to think about it.

I'm so very thankful for the way God heals a broken heart and turns
mourning into dancing.

Our Lucy Joy today.....happy as can be!!!

now, I've gone too far....

*My apologies in advance*

I just couldn't resist.

My summer time warning to you:

*PLEASE take a peek in the mirror before you head to the pool/beach.

Darn those pesky tan lines!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey! Have you checked out the newest tee-shirt design
over at Wild Olive Tees?

Go, go, GO!!!

Retro II

Our first full day in Ch*na.....
One year ago.
(If you are really bored):

Ok, I simply must give you run down of this morning's events. First, we were up again early, about 5:00. I was so proud of myself for packing & planning my own coffee bar for my morning brew. I have a little non-electric drip coffee making "machine" that makes the greatest cup of java. We have a hot water "maker" in our room so it worked like a charm.

Well, after I served as my own barista & enjoyed my cup-a-joe, I emptied the grounds into the trash can then rinsed the dealy in the sink, only to clog the sink with the remaining grounds. Well, Kelly put on his plumbing hat & took care of the matter.

Then, I enjoyed the most wonderful hot, high pressured shower. I was so happy in my rub-a-dub-Beijing-tub, then pulled the shower curtain open & realized I had created a small pond on the bathroom floor. Everything was SOAKED! So, I call for Kelly & he changed into his superman cape (again) and came to my rescue. He was on hands & knees cleaning it up and even spent about five minutes blow drying my slippers (he is so dreamy).

After that, he set up my "hair station" so I could blow dry & flat iron my clown-like mane. Well, in true Lori fashion I tripped a breaker with my industrial strength blow dryer. Kelly took care of the breaker & I resorted to the hotel dryer (for amateurs). Then I flat ironed my hair with no problems (I'm sure you are resting easy knowing that). All this happened within about 30 minutes. Kelly did finally tell me to turn my brain on.

We then went down to a fantastic buffet with some of the strangest things I've ever seen! There was even a sign up that said "Non-Muslim" food. Ha! Bring on the bacon I always say! Now we are off to see the sights of Beijing. Between the long, crazy plane ride and now jetlag, I’m feeling really dizzy. Please pray for me. Never mind, I think it’s just me. Pray anyway.

The sights of Beijing....

Friday, May 29, 2009


One year ago today....
we left for China to get our Lucy!

Early in the morning our friend Mike took us to the

One of my boys is a morning is not.
You figure out who's who.

The flight. The long.long.long.flight.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the zoo will never be the same....

Wow, what a day we had at the zoo!!

And ummm....I took 200 pictures.
I narrowed it down to a few (ahem..)to share with you...

Brenden and Lucy enjoyed the zoo the'll see...

Two....there's two of them Mama!

Hurry up you guys!! Look what I found!

Those elephants are pretty stinkin' amazing.


A quick stop for a cute snap shot!

As cool as this looks....Lucy wasn't all that intrigued. Go figure.

Brenden, however, found the lion statue quite amusing.


Nick took a likin' to the little lion.

And Brenden played leap...lion.

Apes are so lovable.

Ummm, Brenden.....that isn't an exhibit.
(Nick gave him a hard time for looking in
the MEN's restroom....B said he didn't have enough
nerve to look in the ladies'! Wise choice.)

K-man had to convince Lucy there wasn't anything to look at
after Brenden pretended that there was....thanks B.

My handsome boy and me.

No, Lucy didn't take this was, of course, Brenden.

The cutest girls at the zoo.


Lucy AND Brenden are pouting after they got in trouble
for climbing on a brick wall.

Dog-gone-it....I totally didn't have my camera ready
when this ape came raging towards us & hit
the glass. It was so cool!

At last....our day was over.

"Hague Shmague"

That's what my sweet prayer warrior friend Rachel said when I told her the latest on our time line for getting Shu Li.

Though we fully expect our LOA any day now
(based on the trend for other
families adopting older children from the Hope Project)....

because of the Hague requirements, we likely won't travel
until possibly SEPTEMBER!!


And even though there are great advantages to traveling
then, such as.....

WAY cheaper airfare,
better weather,
Ok that's all I can think of....
I don't want Shu Li to wait that long!!!!!

the other day I began asking the Lord,

when does HE want us to go?

He knows the desire of my heart (I tell him constantly)...
but my greatest desire is HIS will.

And if that means September,
I gladly accept that assignment.

But I also believe and KNOW that God
can change the time line no matter
how big the Hague mountain is.

Hague Schmague.


And now I must fix some breakfast then
we are off to the zoo!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

great news and summer begins....

First of all.....the BIG news.....the GREATEST news:

Patty got her LOA!!!!

All glory to GOD!!


Our summer is off to a rather slow start....which is nice except it leaves me
lacking blog material.

I told Brenden last week that
we were taking Lucy to the zoo. He was mortified that we would dare
go without him......soooo, we told him we would wait
until school was out so he could go.

So now he is out of school and tomorrow's the day....
and the zoo will never be the same.

And I will certainly have blog material for weeks to come.


In the are a few pics of summer time at our house
thus far....

Sorry so fuzzy!

A gathering of friends to check the latest on my blog.

A motley crew just out of the pool...


Leslie, I'm so sorry....I know I promised I wouldn't post these pics
but I think you look cute!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hint, hint.....

Summer is comin' ya'll, and it's sizzlin'!!

Oh but spring is still in the air.....

Undefined, baby....undefined.

Oh, there's more.

June 2.
(Lord willing)
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