Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Hague Shmague"

That's what my sweet prayer warrior friend Rachel said when I told her the latest on our time line for getting Shu Li.

Though we fully expect our LOA any day now
(based on the trend for other
families adopting older children from the Hope Project)....

because of the Hague requirements, we likely won't travel
until possibly SEPTEMBER!!


And even though there are great advantages to traveling
then, such as.....

WAY cheaper airfare,
better weather,
Ok that's all I can think of....
I don't want Shu Li to wait that long!!!!!

the other day I began asking the Lord,

when does HE want us to go?

He knows the desire of my heart (I tell him constantly)...
but my greatest desire is HIS will.

And if that means September,
I gladly accept that assignment.

But I also believe and KNOW that God
can change the time line no matter
how big the Hague mountain is.

Hague Schmague.


And now I must fix some breakfast then
we are off to the zoo!!!


Jen said...

Praying for your LOA to arrive yesterday!! Having just completed all the paperwork for "post" LOA, I will be more than happy to share all the "cheat sheets" for your I-800 application, I864-W and the
DS230 forms if you haven't already gotten them from your agency! I had all of ours filled out and everything ready to go as soon as we received our LOA. It helped out a lot!! Even though we received it on a HOLIDAY weekend!!! Nonetheless, I was still so thankful that we received it!!

Have fun at the zoo!

Jaime said...

i agree. hague shmague.
it's all on God and He'll take care of things in His time.
Have SO MUCH FUN at the zoo... and oodles of pictures please! (This is Lucy's first zoo trip, right?)

Holly said...

I think God is fixing it so that we will go at the same time. ;) Although, with no baby picture here, I have no idea when we will go, and I am guessing maybe October! Anyway, have fun at the zoo today!

McNew Family said...

Here, here, old chap! Well said! We just received our I800A approval yesterday! They were going to hold it up because we have a daughter turning 18 in August and they didn't figure we would be home before that. SO - another adult in the house - addendum to HS, biometrics, etc need to be done on HER! USCIS agreed to approve us without her stuff, but now we still have to do it later for an increased fee! We agreed to that so it doesn't slow our timeline down! Come on LOA for you and all!

ronvic7 said...

We called it the Hague Plague last time, it's not been any more fun to do it AGAIN- with not ONE document from Chloe accepted as reuseable- ahhhh- although we did fore see the whole "daughter turns 18 in October" we will not travel before that and we included clearances for her to avoid the addendum cost after her b-day. Guess there's some good in doing this 3 times over:)
Hang tough, it's sooo worth it.
Momma to 10+ including Kat age 5 adopted 2006 from Guangxi, Chloe 13 1/2 yrs adopted Feb 2009 from Henan.Chloe came with small surprise-BROTHERS, going back for them- hopefully SOON.

Rachel said...

Hey friend. If I see one day that you have published an international bestseller based on adoption headaches entitled "Hague Shmague", just remember I'm entitled to some of those royalties! :)

Jean said...

I love your attitude! Hague shmague is right! It will be coming and the sooner the better!
Oh my, all this new paperwork is for the birds- as if there wasn't a mountain of paperwork to do already.

Have fun at the zoo!

Karin said...

I know it is soooo hard to wait! God's delays are always in our favor, although it doesn't always seem like it at the time.

Janet said...

Are your timeline dates listed anywhere for comparrison? I hope we aren't too far behind you. I've lurked for a while. Brenden cracks me up, can he court my 17 yo daughter?? Just saw the other comments on kids turning 18 before travel--UGH--had not even thought of this!! Ours has a bday in Nov. Janet--mom to 5, 3from China

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