Wednesday, May 27, 2009

great news and summer begins....

First of all.....the BIG news.....the GREATEST news:

Patty got her LOA!!!!

All glory to GOD!!


Our summer is off to a rather slow start....which is nice except it leaves me
lacking blog material.

I told Brenden last week that
we were taking Lucy to the zoo. He was mortified that we would dare
go without him......soooo, we told him we would wait
until school was out so he could go.

So now he is out of school and tomorrow's the day....
and the zoo will never be the same.

And I will certainly have blog material for weeks to come.


In the are a few pics of summer time at our house
thus far....

Sorry so fuzzy!

A gathering of friends to check the latest on my blog.

A motley crew just out of the pool...


Leslie, I'm so sorry....I know I promised I wouldn't post these pics
but I think you look cute!!!


Sarah Dawn said...

The zoo, will never be the same! What delight to hear the excitement as your family prepares for a time together. A time to treasure, absolutely. Say hi to the rainforest animals for me, I'm missing home a bit today.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
sarah Dawn

Jean said...

Congrats to Patty!! What wonderful news!! Now we just need to get your LOA here! I've been praying hard!!

Fun summer pics! My kids are out next week! I love summer!!


Sarah the Kool Kid said...

haha, I love you all. And leslie is awesome. lol

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