Saturday, December 5, 2009

perky cheerleader

Last night was our first basketball game of the year!
Brenden isn't play this year :( ...only Nick.
As a freshman, he is primarily a JV player but is also dressing out for Varsity.

And I wish I could say that we
clobbered the other team but sadly,
it was the other way around.

We have a young team this year and a new coach
so it's really no surprise, I suppose.

Interestingly though,
I don't care.
I mean, golly gee...I want us to win every single
game but even if we don't,
there are some very specific prayers that God
has already begun answering
in regard to this season.

I couldn't be more thankful
and I simply can't wait to see it all unfold.

I still don't have Lucy's cheerleader outfit finished.
Ummm, it would help if I got started on it.
But that didn't stop her from cheering her little heart out.

Perky cheerleaders are generally annoying
but this one...
well, you just can't help but adore her!


Nancy said...

Oh, man, that girl is cute! HAD to tell you this story about cheerleaders...while in general we do not "DO" Halloween, I HAVE allowed ShaoXi to go out and get candy, if she chooses to. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. She gets that the "holiday" is really pretty nasty, and the reasons behind it, etc. But she does love her some candy (although I usually end up throwing it away after awhile, as it gets forgotten!) ANYHOW...this year was one that she wanted to go out with her friends in their nice little culdesac neighborhood, then spend the night at a sleepover. So, when asked what she intended to be (this mama will HELP, but does not MAKE costumes!) the reply was "A cheerleader!" I asked puzzledly, "A CHEERLEADER?" She said "Yep...cheerleaders are very scary!" And went on to say "Mom, Emily (one of her BFF's) is a cheerleader...and Emily is VERY scary." Again I looked at her and she said "Think about it...Emily is ALWAYS perky and bouncing...Mom, that's just plain scary!" I laughed hysterically! :)


Karin said...

She is cute as can be! Like I say repeatedly, she and SaraGrace could be twins. SG had some seaweed at the beach this summer that she clutched in her hands like pom-poms and waved all around with great spirit. She doesn't even know what a cheerleader is--just does that kind of stuff. :)

Bummer you lost the game--but glad everyone had fun and that God is answering your specific prayers about the season. VERY COOL!!!

Adeye said...

Could she be ANY cuter than that????

Sorry the team lost :(

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