Friday, December 4, 2009

new specs and a splash of lucy...and brenden

We recently had Macy's eyes checked and ummm...
she needed new glasses pretty desperately.

That could only mean one thing:


I have ALWAYS wanted glasses...
I mean really, really wanted glasses.
*actually I still do*
So this was my chance.


But I quickly realized that MY desire for some
fun and funky frames
was not exactly Macy's forte.

I dragged her around from store to store
in hopes of her agreeing with me
on what I thought was cute.

Feeling the Holy Spirit telling me to quit
being so dog-gone controlling,
I let her pick.


But I think she made a cute choice...
just simple little frames
that compliment her well.
Don't you think?

And not to steal Macy's thunder,
but Lucy insisted I take some pictures of her also....

enjoy these pictures of Brenden Lucy.


Nancy said...

Funny...I always wanted to wear glasses, too. Now that I need reading glasses, I hate them. Just wait a couple more years, Lori, and you, too, can get glasses.

Debby said...

Funny! Those background shots are hilarious. I like Macy's simply stated new look.
Did Lucy get a haircut too?

quilt-n-mama said...

I love Macy's new glasses!

Do you want my glasses? You can have them, I'd rather not wear them, of course, then I couldn't see which might present a problem... ugh! oh well.

Holly said...

She would be a beauty in cardboard frames :)

Janet said...

I likey! 3/4 of the kids at home have glasses, and it's time for check-ups--ugh!

Karin said... Brendan. That is my kind of totally dorky humor. :) My brother is like that. He used to think it was totally funny to get a friend to walk up to two people having a conversation, stand next them--his friend on the other side--and start having their own conversation over the top of the original two. ahhhhh....he cracks me up!

Lucy looks adorable--and way to go for letting her choose!!

Adeye said...

That son of your is just crazy :) Love it.

LOVE the new frames--they suit her perfectly!

Madeleine said...

Have I told you how Macy is such a great name? And it's perfect for her. And so are the glasses.


Woman, you are a hoot!!

My son-in-law wants glasses SO badly. To which I can only say , it's the people who don't have glasses that want them.

The rest of us, we would do ANYTHING to get rid of them. lol.

And how I wish I had the money to have someone shoot lasers into my eyeballs to get rid of contacts/glasses forever.

And your son...


Little peanut is a cutie too. :)

Nancy said...

Your son cracks me up every time...I have 5 brothers, so I can totally relate to the boy thing.
Nancy in MN

Jean said...

Is he upside down in that last pic? What a funny guy!

Her glasses are adorable! I think she really looks good in glasses! I bet she will get more daring after she's been home for awhile!

JIm loved the comment about the clean windows!! After that everybody commented on them- that was so funny- we were laughing as we were reading! (i get a little help with the window cleaning!)

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