Wednesday, October 7, 2009

our week in review...thus far

Well, it's been interestingly interesting around here.
Mostly, it's been, what we call, boring.
I'm sure you are unfamiliar with the term since
most teenagers are constantly amused by life around the house.

Monday, my good friend Angela brought out
a wonderful meal, a gift for Macy and visited for
just a (long) bit.
She locked her keys in the car so she ended being
here much longer than she planned.
Little does she know,
I had the entire keys-locked-in-car scheme

up my sleeve to keep her here as long as possible.
That's the only way I get my friends to stay for an
extended visit.

Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Here is Brenden "trying" to unlock
her car.
His failed-attempt is all part of the act.

Macy has been working had on reading this little book,
which would be much below her level if it wasn't in

She uses her little translator to help her with
the words she doesn't know.
She sat here for about 3 hours working on it!
Oh and I forgot to explain the library system to her
and found her writing the Chinese translation
under some of the words.
Some kid is going to get a good lesson in
Chinese characters.
It'll do 'em good.

Lucy does a good job helping Macy with
her R*setta Stone.
And of course, never misses the opportunity to pose.

All that helping left her tuckered out.
Here she is helping me with dinner.

Shortly after that,
we were all around the table at dinner time and
I was explaining something.
I was talking r e a l l y slowly so that
Macy could comprehend.

Then Lucy piped up and said,
"Mama, what are you saying?? I can't understand you!"

We all (including Macy) totally cracked up....
one girly can only understand my slow English,
and one only understands my speedy English.

Is it Friday yet?

**Yesterday someone sent me a comment or email asking about
the girl whose adoption was disrupted.
To answer your question,
she does have a new family.
Sorry I didn't answer you directly,
I can't find your question anywhere in my inbox!


Adeye said...

Oh my sweet friend--it sure does sound like Macy is doing well and adjusting. Heavens above--she seems super smart! What is it her culture??? Smart people!

I love seeing the pics of Macy with her with her siblings. So amazing. So God.

Your Lucy--what a crack up. It sounds like there is never a dull moment in your home :) So fun.

Have a very blessed Wednesday--you're almost at Friday!

Debby said...

Bless Macy's heart....she really is trying......such an encouragement. Such an example in perserverance.

Enjoy your day!!

Shelley said...

Hi Lori,

Do you know that I come here every morning looking for a smile and your posts seem to do that. ;)

Good for Macy! Transitions are yuck but she sure is doing her part of the equation!

Can you comment about the brand of the translator that Macy uses? We are travelling soon and having trouble locating one.


Tracey and Chuck said...

So glad to hear that all is going well since you have been home with Macy. She is a beautiful girl and appears to be adjusting quite well in her new home. And that little Lucy, she just cracks me up.

McNew Family said...

You can't win for losing, it seems! Loved you last post about excuses! It really is hard to convey that to people so they understand!

Karin said...

It is so sweet to see how hard Macy is trying in all the pictures. Bless her heart! And Lucy--she provides the comic relief. :) Hugs to you, sweet friend, get some rest. :)

Holly said...

It is so good to see NORMAL LIFE going on at your house!! It really is a blessing isn't it? Good for Macy, working so hard. I am so proud of her. :) By the way...7 days til we are on the plane!!!!!!! I bought a ton of stuff last night. I forgot how much stuff toddlers need! I am thankful that my daddy sent a hefty check in the mail the other day. :)

Lori Anne said...

#! - I can relate to the locking of keys in the car. My advice? Just don't do it before the wedding of your sweet friend... I'd like to re-do that moment.

#2 - I recently checked out a book from the library that had characters (of some sort) written above the words too. LOL.

Nancy said...

At least it looks like Macy and Lucy are bonding. That is a good thing. Right?

Karen said...

What a determined young lady. Sitting for 3 hours reading a book. Wow! She will be so much fun in school.

Cute about the slow English, fast English. I can just picture it. Maybe one of your boys can translate your slow English into fast English for Lucy:-)

Jean said...

Great pics- being bored is all part of being in a family!! We cannot duplicated orphanage/ dorm life at home... well maybe some of those huge whoopin families can but most of us can't !

I'm saying it again- I love the pics! Lucy is a stitch! I feel like you went to China and said I would like a chinese version of ME! Honey you got it!!

It Lucy mad at you at all for leaving her?

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