Saturday, September 19, 2009

yes, another post

Ok, I was on my way to being fast asleep
after a SLEEPLESS flight
(I've concluded that God never intended for
humans to sleep veritcally),
then I heard my computer chirp that I had
a new email.
Well, who could resist?
I jumped up to check it out.
Glad I did.
My mom sent the following after reading my
last blog post....

Ok, I have read everything to Lucy and showed her the blog pictures
which turned out fine except you look too thin.  Eat some more noodles. 
We certainly are. 
Lucy said "Mama and Daddy miss me.  That's nice." 
The first thing, honestly the first, she did when she got up this morning was run
to the paper chain and take off a loop. 
She just gave a huge smile.  She was looking for Shu Li in the picture you sent. 
Oh, and she said something
about her legs today....
long story with pj's, etc. but when she said,
 "my eggs are cold"  ... she wasn't talking scrambled.  Every moment is just that...
a moment!!!!!  And the boys WILL be in touch.
Love, Mom
Oh my goodness.
They are having too much fun back home!
I'm so thankful!!
BTW, even though blogger is blocked I'm getting your comments
through my email so keep 'em comin'!

"Things" are back on track now.


Hezra said...

HaHa YAY! You are there!! (and things are on track too) doubly awesome. But drats my emailing at 8:45 am is probably you going to bed there! Hope it isn't chirping... SO excited to see your journey. keep bloggin, BABY! XO

Jean said...

That is so cute- I love that age! Anna is constant entertainment just like Lucy!

I am so excited you are there- that was a quick trip!! (for me- that is!)

Where can we comment- that you are getting them? I am so gadget illiterate- sorry. Is it you e-mail, this blog, text?

So glad the kids are doing well!!

Chris said...

Turn the chirrpy thing off on your computer. Enjoy the shopping.
Your mom is right you do look too thin, eat rice and noodles.
I'm looking for Shu Li's pics too. Guess Sun middle of the night for us

Prayers for all of you.

Cari Bacon said...

Oh Lori! I didn't get a chance to send you my thoughts/prayers before you left. I've had a huge drama week with Cali between preschool and dental appointments. Last night we also had Caleb's b-day party with four other boys. I was exhausted. At the end of the night, I laid on my bed and literally fell asleep face flat on my pillow. Didn't even change my clothes or brush my teeth until I woke up at midnight!

So I'm just now checking your blog posts and see that you have already started the party without me! LOL :)

Looks like you guys are having a great time! I can hardly wait for each posting and pictures of your trip. You're entire family is in my prayers. Praying all goes well, and you'll have a good BM soon! HAHAHA :)

Shelley said...

I thought about you when I awoke today and have continued most of the is now EARLY Sunday morning in China and you get your girl TOMORROW!! I know you both are so excited! Praying for a good day, for Shu Li to feel at peace and know that God has placed her with her forever family. Thank you for letting us come along!

Holly said...

Awesome! News from home. Sooo good. :) And only a mother would say her daughter is too thin. Love it! Keep the posts comin'!

JR said...

YEAH God!! so glad you're there.....btw, you do look awfully thin...make sure you eat up all those yummy looking meals while you're there.

Keep posting....can't wait to hear more! Love you!

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