Saturday, September 19, 2009

early morning

Hi Y'all.
Are you tired of my frequent posts yet?
this is what happens when there are no
children around.
I was up by around 3 AM...wide awake.
Plus I was hungry.
And bored.
So I remembered the M&M's I had in
my suitcase,
shuffled around for five minutes til
I found them...grabbed my Bible and headed
to the bathroom
for some quiet time.
Yes, it's come to that.
I didn't want to wake up my sleeping bear
so I hid out in the only separate room
I'm also a bit unnerved at the hairdryer situation.
As you know,
I chose not to bring mine from home in
order to save on the luggage weight issue.
you can imagine my grieving heart (and hair)
when I found the hotel dryer to be one
left over from my mom's highschool days.
No offense, Mom.
It has the wind velocity of a new-born kitten.
I made do...cause that's just the way I am.
But I still have to flat-iron this crazy
So the verdict is still out on how things will end up.
I'm having my tea now...
one of my very favorite things to do here.
Then we will have breakfast
and meet B & L to go to church.
More later!
So sorry my pics may be out of order and don't have captions...
I can't see my blog!
your comments come through my email so I am seeing
all of them!!


Lori Anne said...

Hi Lori & Kelly,

SO happy you arrived safely and will soon meet your new daughter. Have a great day with your friends & hugging those babies.

Hugs to you both,
Lori Anne

Sally- That Girl! said...

YOu must have got my comment as I can see you are sending us some Chinese humor!!!!

Holly said...

I'm glad being in China doesn't change you! :)

Karin said...

Too funny! The first thing I always do at a Chinese hotel is run in the bathroom and check out the hair dryer situation. When I see those pathetic (useless) things hanging on the wall, I am so bummed. Hope the flat iron works!!

Susan said...

The blog looks great! Pictures are coming through just fine (keep them coming!) Can't wait to hear about church w/ B+L. and the shopping, and shopping ..and shopping!

Heather Williams said...

Oh the hairdryers of China! One day I'll have to share with you my memories of these special (and useless) devices. You have my sympathies!

Michele said...

You are CRACKING me up! I am so glad to hear you wont be a constipated lady with jacked up hair. At least you will just have jacked up hair. LOL!

Seriously. I am dying here. I am glad you are there! I can hardly wait to hear the rest!

Jean said...

Wind velocity of a new born kitten- you are hysterical!!

And yesterdays comment on God never intended for humans to sleep vertically!

You are just so darn funny, even half way around the world!

Sorry about the hairdryers but it's just giving you more to work with!! Material I mean, not hair! Your beautiful even with a fro- hey, if that happens please get a pic!!

ronvic7 said...

Hey there,

It's Chloe's momma, hope all is well and you will survive the "hair raising" experience, if I did, you CAN:)
Praying for you and for your girl, hope she's as fun as our Chloe was in China, just watch those cab windows:)

Nancy said...

Keep the posts coming...I never tire of what you write.

Cari Bacon said...

I would rather deal with that hairdryer than the "squatty potty". Last trip I got stuck using those once and let me tell ya one time is all it took for me to make sure I kept my liquid intake light if I wasn't close to our hotel. :)

Jo said...

Love the many posts--I don't always end up checking your blog at the same time, so sometimes I get the fun of finding more than one! Happy Sunday morning to you--and good luck with the hairdryers!

Kathy said...

You are so funny!

Our first time in China my hair was long.
A ponytail would work. Now with short
hair that needs styled and seeing that
wonderful hair dryer. I better start shopping
for a hat or a cute baseball cap!

Have a blessed day!

Janet said...

MEOW!! I'm sure you look fine. If not--just do like me--take all the pics so you won;t be in them--my Chinese kids will probably never believe that I went to get them!
We need to hear about the shopping--so we'll be prepared-ya know. In Henan too!!

Patty said...

I'm catching up! SO EXCITED! Sorry about the hair dryer, I forgot to warn you that it was quite possible you'd end up with a vacuum attachment hanging in the bathroom pretending to be a hair dryer. Can't wait until tomorrow night!!!! What time do you get Shu Li??? HUGS!!

trina said...

Oh i feel your pain. I have to have a good hairdryer,too. Hoping your next hotel has a better one. Glad all is in order now..haha.

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