Tuesday, September 29, 2009

squatty potty oddity

Woot woot!
We are in Hong Kong and Blogger isn't blocked!!
And guess what' I'm gonna do??
I'm going to cut and paste as many of YOUR blog entries
to Word so I can read them on the plane!!
Great idea, I know.
Ok, I have a question....
how many of you have successfully
used a squatty potty on a TRAIN.
Well, I have not.
We took a train to HK, which was so fun!
But when I went to the potty....
I was shocked as I walked in to find the
dreaded Chinese way of peeing.
I gathered my thoughts and told myself that
I could do it.
But about mid-stand, while swaying with the train,
I was eye to eye with a sign that said,
Hold on.
That was it.
My attempt was aborted.
As I walked back to my seat (bladder still full),
looking at all the almond-eyed women sitting comfortably
in their seats as I strolled,
I realized that I may never share this common
bond with them.
I simply can't get used to this
We leave at 12:45 PM Wednesday (11:45 PM Tuesday)
on our 14 hour, 31 minute flight.
I better go to bed now.


Holly said...

How fun!! (Not the squatty potty part!) Can't wait to hear about more adventures.... I'll be praying for your trip home!

Mandi said...

We are hoping to take the train to Hong Kong and take Blake and Drew to Disney for a day before flying home. Money is going to be the issue though.

So glad to see and hear things have been going well. I can't wait to see pictures of you entire family together at last.


Anonymous said...

Guess what mom! Since you, so kindly, picked apart my own grammar mistakes i thought i would do you the same honor! :)

"We are in Hong Kong and Blogger isn't blocked!!
And guess what I'm gonna do??" That "and" is very incorrect!

you need to capitalize the "h" in "how many..." and also you need a "?" not a "." at the end of your very personal question.

"But when I went" you don't start a sentence with "but"!! The word "however" is much more correct!

"Aboarded" mom???? ReheheheheheallY?????

This sentence was just atrocious! It should agree in person and number!!! it should read.
"As I was walk*ing* to my seat, bladder still full, and looking at all the almond-eyed women sitting comfortably in their seats and I was stroll*ing*, I was realiz*ing* that..."

Oh and its thirty-one.

I am sure there are more; however, I will leave you with the ones that stick out!

Hey! im doing this out of love! (and revenge) I am trying to better you! (and revenge) This is for your own good! (and revenge!!!)

Also, just so you cannot counter me and try to correct my mistakes, i will repost my disclaimer!

DISCLAIMER: Do not go and start ripping apart my grammar! I do have the uncanny ability to write in near perfect English when I have to! My errors mistakes are my personality and i love dem.

Love your vendetta stricken Son! <3 <3 <3 :)

Tony and Rett said...


Praying for you!

Debby said...

Lori...I better think of something to post before you leave HK. Wouldn't want you to fly thirty-one hours without Blogger posts to catch up on!!!!

So happy you're almost home.

Rachel said...

How odd...We had a western potty in our train car. Must have been the FIRST class tickets! :)
I'll be PRAYING!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Loved your son's comments. He was correct about some of them though. hahahaha. OMG I would have wet my pants. I really want to go to China, but those squatty potty's have me scared.

Joy said...

Only 14.5 hours? That's nothin. Our flight was 16 to Newark and then 4 more to Houston. :-)

I love the GZ to HK train. The only one of us who successfully used the squatty was Sarah.

Have a safe trip home.

Janet and Kevin said...


How funny - a squatty potty on a moving train. I could barely use them well when standing still (with a few episodes of wet shoes! LOL!) I can't imagine using one on a moving train!!

Your son is a hoot! I laughed so hard over his comments that Philip asked what was wrong!

Praying for your safe trip home. Soon all of your family will be together - how wonderful! Praise God.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Lisa said...

Your son's comments are hilarious. I bet they are getting so excited to see you and Shu Li.

Have a safe trip home and we will all be waiting for the next post.

God Bless,

Newark, Ohio

Chris said...

You will need to give Brendan the job of proofreader. Poor child.
Just a few more hours and no more squatty potties. Yeah I couldn't get used to them...took barf bags (umm convenience bags) along for the task.
American soil will look good, but Shu-Li may be in for some tough days
will be praying.

quilt-n-mama said...

Praying as you fly that your trip home is a good one! Can't wait to hear that you are back in KS:)

That son of yours... He has me cracking up... will he be my proof reader????


Anonymous said...

"He was correct about some of them though. "

Some of them? HA! Try all. I have had those very points, simple yet oh so easy to forget, pounded deep within my skull for years!

I'm glad to hear that you are all tickled pink over me, but i do have a very serious side to my writing. I've been trying to convince her to post one of my short stories on her blog but so far nothing! Can you believe that?

Maybe with your help we could get her to post one ;)

Nicole A. said...

Have a very safe, uneventful trip home -- with regular toilets, non-turbulent flights, and some rest (plus good movie or two) and some good bonding time with Shu Li, of course. I hope that your family reunion/first meeting goes wonderfully! It will be a moment you are sure to remember forever, despite how jet-lagged you are!

Thanks for sharing your trip with us! It's been funny, inspiring, amazing!

(Are you quite sure there is not a puppy already at your house; after all, once you meet him, you will have to keep him. ;) )

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Karen said...

Yippeeee you are on your way home. Yikes a squatty potty on a train. You were brave to even go into the room:-)

Brenden cracks me up. Uh oh, I see trouble in my future if Shurley Grammar gives your kiddos the knowledge to correct their momma:-)

Looking forward to seeing pictures of all your kids together. Praying for safe flights home for you guys.

Carla said...

I can't believe after all the waiting and waiting, that you are on your way home!!

Even though I've never been to China, I've stalked enough adoption websites to hear a plenty about the squatty potties... When we were at pasture the other evening, after way too much Diet Coke, I had a moment that made me think about you!

And we are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the short story. But how much longer will we have to wait. :)

God bless you in your travels home.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Can't wait for your first post home!!!! Safe and happy journey!!! Western potties just around the corner!

Susan said...

thinking of you on that L O N G flight tonight as I stretch out in my King sized comfy bed!! :) :) :) Oh how I feel your pain!

mom2-4boys said...


I am so happy everything is going great!!! I really enjoy your posts.

Praying you have a safe flight home. Looking forward to seeing your family all together.


Holly said...

I already have the perfect idea for your next fundraiser.
Blog into book. Hilarious and heartfelt stuff.
Love it!

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