Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ok, in my defense, the grammar issues I blame on the fact that I had taken a Lunesta (prescription sleeping pill) about 20 minutes prior to writing my post. It makes me loopy so I'm sure that's the ONLY reason I would make such mistakes.

Brenden, Nick & Lucy....we'll see via Skype in just a little bit!!


Karin said...

I didn't even notice your grammar because I was so focused on the whole squatty potty episode. You need to fully develop your thigh muscles so you can sit in mid-air. You know...like the old Chinese men that do that in public and read the newspaper as if it is perfectly normal to sit on an invisible chair.

Then you need to figure out how to build a splash guard so that none of the pee ends up on your pants that are down around your ankles. Or you could wear a dress and take off your undies... :)

Jean said...

Brenden is so funny!! The only one I got was aboarded!

I no it is not recommended to start sentences with And and But, however are you sure it is not okay... sometimes... maybe... how about only if your name is Jean!

Keep Brenden away from my blog- yikes! It would be covered with red correction marks!

oops I am responding on the wrong post! oh well!

Have a great trip home!

Jean said...

Oh crud, I said no instead of know...


Tesseraemum said...

Do you think Brenden will friend his doggy friendn,Isaac,on facebook?
I need someone to monitor his grammar and spelling. He thought it was funny when I corrected him the 1st few times, not so much now!

I have to tell you, YOU ARE SCARING ME! We may have to rethink looking to Ch*na to adopt... Without getting too detailed, I have MS and I am a little wobbly...the bathroom situation might present a huge problem ;-o. Please tell me they have some western pottys! Sheri

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