Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hair products and other important things

First of all,
how do you like my new blog look?
Mandi over at The Journey Continues
did it as part of her fundraiser!!
Thanks, Mandi!


we have
9 more days until we leave!
And in an attempt to give Lucy
some sort of idea of *time* we made a paper
chain as a count-down to when we leave.
Then I have one for when we are gone,
to count-down until we return.
Today will be the first day that we remove a link,
and I'm hoping it clicks in her little brain
what it's all about
cause as of last night, just after we made it,
she was telling everyone who would listen
that Mommy and Daddy are taking
it to Ch*na to give to Shu Li.
Oh dear.

Yesterday afternoon I set out to pour
all of my hair potions into little bottles to pack.
I got side-tracked and decided to take pics
of my hair products to share with you.
(Only because someone asked a while back)

So, here goes...

Color Care shampoo and conditioner.
And yes, I always buy in gallon sizes.
It's way cheaper that way.

My favorite gel is M*trix Gelee', a great smoothing
serum is Silk Therapy by Bi*silk.
And THE BEST hairspray ever, is
R*dken's Forceful 23.

Here is my arsenal of hair brushes.
All dirty, all loaded with hair.
They are my PERSONAL hair brushes,
so don't worry...I won't use them on you
in this condition.
And yes, the yellow brush has been
chewed on by a dog...not sure which dog
because I've had that gem since I was about 14.
No kidding.

And lastly,
my precious flat iron.
It is VERY dirty from all the hair
products that have built-up on it.
I didn't realize just how dirty it was until
I decided to photograph it.
It is a CHI and is quite expensive but
worth every last penny.
If I'm ever deserted on an island,
this will be my companion of choice.

**As a long-time hair stylist and
the daughter of a barber,
I never, EVER buy anything but professional
products...anything less would go against
everything I believe in.
Ok, that's a bit extreme, but you get the idea.
I can buy them wholesale, so who can blame me?

I never got any of these items packed
or even put into little bottles,
just so you know.

There you go...
another deep and insightful post that will
no doubt, help you grow spiritually.

Golly, I need to get my act together.


Sharla M. said...

I am just cracking up!! I take 3-4 brushes with me and I never clean the hair out of them because they work better that way! (Is that all in my head?)

Happy Packing...

Lynsay said...

haha. You will be so sad at my pathetic hair care products. Not only are they Ch products, they are the cheapest. See....I just can't stand spending money on that stuff!! I might still talk you into a cut if you have time!! Hehe! BTW, I was going to email, but since your blog reminded me, do you have access to the strips that they use to pull wax off? My mom got me a huge jar of wax, but I only have a few strips left!

See you soon!!!

Sherri said...

you are just too funny, and 4 brushes? I use 2 and not all the time and at each usage I always clean the hair out.

Tony and Rett said...

HAHAHA! Now THAT is funny!

The brush is what kills me. My mom has one I remember using as a kid. One with a bright green handle. But, ahem, every once in while she would bleach it...I'm just sayin'... :)

Cari said...

ah! a girl after my own hair products...i mean heart! my paul mitchell flat iron is my must have, until last week when it broke, so i'm wearing my natural wavy hair for a couple weeks until i can get a new flat iron. NO...I will NOT post pictures of that! :)

Lisa said...

I love your new blog. It looks awesome.

You better start packing soon. It will take you awhile just to do your hair stuff. LOL

Jill said...

LOL! That was a cute post!

Love the new blog look1

JR said...

The new blog look is awesome! I love it! (though I must admit that there are times when these aging eyes have trouble reading the text against the background, depending on the colors that are used. Don't ya just love the aging process?! NOT!!)

I invested in a chi iron this year and will NEVER use anything else!! It's the best! (btw, i have a hair appt this evening for highlights/low lights......more fun times in the aging process - woo hoo!)

Still praying for your journey to sweet precious Shu Li!

Holly said...

Thanks! Informative post! (You know us girls need these kinds of posts too.) Getting closer....Love the paper chain idea! : )

Holly said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that the blog looks really cute! : )

Nancy said...

Love the look of your new blog. Also, the outfit you made Lucy...I know you are crazy busy right now but when you get back could you make one for me in a 4T? A little more wintery, though. I will mail you a check. If you can't, I totally understand.

Debby said...

Love the blog look. You crack me up with the hair info, but you are the expert!!

Get to packing girl!!

McNew Family said...

Great new look! Are you kdding me? That is what you are taking????? I don't even own that many tools! Of course, I don't even comb my hair - strictly rinse and towel off each morning, wash once a week - NEVER comb, blow, etc.! Love the paper chain idea - we'll have to try that one!

Leah said...

Love the new look!

And I totally agree with you on the flat iron. My hot pink CHI was worth every single penny!

Chris said...

Love the Blog
Made the paper chain on the trip to ch*na to give kids an idea of how long the flight would be(one ring per hour) any way never finished...too many things to see.

Hair products...I only use a brush to clean my comb....and buy the cheapest shampoo at W*lmart...maybe that's why my hair's a mess????!! but it's always pinned up so who cares?

Karin said...

I LOVE your new blog look!! :))) You crack me up with the hair stuff--but now I feel informed. I used to use Paul Mitchell spray gel but then they had the nerve to discontinue it. ugh. I have my favorite stuff too...and glad I'm not the only one with a brush full of hair. :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Your new look is sooooo nice! Love it, love it. I'm so excited about Shu Li! I may be coming to KS real soon here; my mom is taking a break from work and wants to come

Tina said...

Oh my word...I can't believe how funny you are it just makes my day to hop on this blog and see what you have come up with. We received our Local FP (ABI) clearance in the mail today and I am soooo excited! One more check on my list!

Take care,

Tea with Tiffany said...

Entertaining read with pics to match. Great. :)

Jean said...

Before I even read your post I have to say I love, love, love the new look!

Now I will be right back after I read your post!

Jean said...

Yes - I can FEEL the spiritual growth! Alleluia!!

I cannot by them wholesale but here is what I use-
Matrix- Biolage hydrating shampoo.

Aquage defining gell and curl defining creme ( up for new suggestions)

Paul Mitchell Super Clean spray - love it- used it forever!

When I was in China I used the gel and hairspray and whatever shampoo I could find.

You know you could start a business with these products! Forget sewing- I'll order my hair care products from you!!

So excited for you to go to China and bring your sweet girl home!! Yippee Jesus!!

The Ordinary Horse said...

I'm cracking up and honestly feel like my blog is such a let down compared to yours! sarah

christy rose said...

Did the paper chain as a count down work? I think that is a great idea for Lucy's age to understand time unless she is set on it being a gift. then maybe not!

Jaime G. said...

love the new blog layout! love it!
and i am pretty sure that any curly girl can relate to all the products you have. my hubs has only 1 drawer in the vanity, and i have all the shelves and other drawers for my beauty products. oh... how i long for a CHI flat iron. maybe i'll put it on my christmas list.
taking jax shopping tomorrow and will hit the shipping place saturday!

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