Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marshmallowville, USA

I would sure hate for one single person who reads my blog
to think that I'm livin' in Marshmallowville, USA.

That my children are oh-so-perfect,
and that life is la-la-la-lovely all the time.

a seemingly innocent trip toTarget...and Hobby Lobby,
proved otherwise, for sure.

You see,
Lucy is one of the sweetest, happy-go-lucky girls you will ever meet.
Cute as the dickins' as, as my mom always says.

(here comes the non-Marshmallow world part)
this darling daughter of mine has a
stubborn streak like I've never seen.



We were in Target...just the two of us,
(making it very convenient for a hostile take-over)
and she insisted on being held.
Ok, I decided to play the game...for a short time.
But listen,
this tiny 3-year old becomes very large after
just a short time.
I knew that making her ride in the shopping cart
was not a battle I wished to fight...
(putting her in against her will is like
putting a cat in the bathtub)
so I didn't even go there.

I told her she needed to walk.
She was OK with that...on her terms.

She wanted to hold my hand.
Now that sounds sweet and innocent enough,
and I did go for it for a little while,
but come on...
pushing a shopping cart AND holding a hand isn't easy.

So after a while I told her she just had to stick closely
beside me.
That's where things turned terribly ugly.
She stopped dead in her tracks
and wouldn't budge.
I started to walk away
(with all kinds of abandonment/attachment issues
running through my head...so I stopped).
She then planted herself...
right in the middle of the aisle.

People passing by...
totally unable to notice her cuteness through
the tough-as-nails-attitude being displayed.
I told her,
"I'm going to call Daddy, Lucy!"

Now what in the world good would that do??
I quickly realized that.
And it didn't phase her anyway.

I had no choice but to pick her up
and practically drag her as she protested
(because at this point, she didn't know what she wanted).

Do you realize what an awkward situation it is
to be carting off a screaming child...
who isn't even of your race?

Feeling as though I had a kidnapper sign
pasted to my forehead,
I forged ahead and
we got out of there as quickly as possible.

And that was just Target...
Hobby Lobby was another great adventure
that I will spare you.


So there you go.

I wish you many happy trips to Target.


Mrs. Foster said...

YAY! Glad to hear you have the "normal" battles we all do!

Sorry for the yucky trip. Our twincesses have had quite the 'tude a time or twelve too!

Shonni said...

Oh, I have so had those moments with my little ones!!

Jean said...

I can always sense when things will go in the wrong direction- just happened this morning- lucky for us we weren't at TArget! Must be the first day of school jitters!

Wow- and you even had the strength to go to another store- very impressive! What is with these cute little girls from China and their stubbornness??

Debby said...

Wow...you are an optimist to try another store after that!...=)

We live in Marshmallow land & it always surprises me when we suddely show up somewhere else, on the scenis trek!...lol.......

Janet and Kevin said...


I have one of those cute as can be with a huge stubborn streak little kids at my home too. Glad someone else does! Makes life interesting, doesn't it? Keeps us on our toes. LOL!!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

P.S. I got a chuckle out of when you said you were "alone" with Lucy and that made for an easy hostile takeover! Know what you mean. How can someone so little and adorable scare us so? Hee, hee.

Jill said...

Hmmm, I wonder if this could be a Lucy trait? Or do we share the same child? This scenerio crosses me as V E R Y familiar.......
Good luck ;)

Joy said...

been there a thoussand times!

You have a good point about the screaming child, not of the same race. Allison would scream mommy, mommy as I was taking her out of stores. She is old enough now to understand why she should not make a scene that would make people think she is not my child.

Adeye said...

And you lived to blog about it!!! Yayeeee!
Soooo been there done that, dear friend. So much fun, hey????

Karen said...

Too funny. Been there done that! The only difference is I have three the same age (3 1/2-4 1/2 yrs). You are much nicer. I don't give them the option of being out of the cart too frequently. Two carts actually. If they are lucky enough to walk, they have to keep their hand on the cart. If they take it off for any reason that is my sign that they want to ride in the cart and in they go. It's survival for me. I have those 3 and 3 other ones under 12. Never a dull moment shopping with us:-) You know, I wouldn't even think about someone of a different race dragging their fussing child out of the store. I would just assume they were adopted:-)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Well, as much as I'd like to say my mom can relate, she cant. She lives in Marshmallowville and her children are all wonderfully perfect in every way...welllll...except one... ;)

Daveda said...

LOL...I think every mom can relate! I realized a long time ago that...It's not my child's job to make me look good!

Why the heck not?!?! LOL, it would make our lives that much easier...

Holly said...

Oh no! I'm sorry, Lori, but somehow your posts make me laugh even when they are NOT FUNNY! Something about the part about you carrying out this Asian girl with the kidnapping sign on your head just gave me the giggles. sorry. But I do feel your pain! Seriously, it is really not funny, and most of us have been there! Oh my, I can tell you about the times that my kids' cuteness went missing when we were out in public. Those are some of the most stressful days there are! Thanks for sharing and always being real. : )

Chris said...

What is it w/ that store? I was in a T*rget the other day and Faith decided we don't need a cart which was OK I was just passing time till the Goodwill across the street was open :^) She decided she could not stay with in eyesite so I made he hold on to my skirt and she pulled the same stunt "hold me" She at least added Mommy to the whine. So we left and I put her in the carseat being VERY careful not to act hurried or rough.
I used a "firm" tone and told her if we get a lolipop at the bank later I will eat it if she doesn't get her act together.
MAGIC! we went back into the store and she was in the cart w/ no problems.....till the next time, I may get to eat the lollipop yet!

Chasity said...

God bless you for your patience...he certainely gives us it when we need it most! Thankfully, I have never given that option to ride out of the cart and thank you for reminding why I won't. LOL I hope your next trip is much easier. That strength she has will be such a blessing as she gets bigger.

The Ordinary Horse said...

Oh yeah, many of those moments with my cute-as-a-button Eliza. I was chuckling through your post because I've been in your shoes and even had the same thoughts running thru my head. I'm impressed that you had the stamina to go into another store. I usually walk out w/ a red face, sweat dripping and head straight for home! You're my hero! - Sarah

Karin said...

This is when you say (loud enough for everyone to hear), 'I'm going to have to tell your mother that you did not behave today when I take you back home.'

There is no Hobby Lobby here...I am having withdrawls...

christy rose said...

Yah! And you lived to blog about it! That is funny! It is in moments like these that as mothers we think, I can not wait for this age to pass, then after they do and you are on to the next challenging thing, we wish we had those issues back once again.

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