Saturday, September 12, 2009

follicles rejoicing

Today was the long-awaited hair coloring day!
Oh how my follicles rejoiced!

But I wonder*
Why can they put a man on the moon
but can't figure out a way to make the color
seep into our scalp,
making our color last so much longer?

I came upstairs sporting my mid-process
do and Lucy whipped out this rendering
of me.

Amazingly similar?
You'll never know.
I actually posted a pic of myself and my
very loving husband told me
it was NOT a good pic of me.
So I quickly removed it.


Brittne said...

WOW Lori!! I love Lucy's drawing of you! It brings me back to wacky night at Youth Group ages ago where you fluffed up all of us girls's hair! Ahh sweet memories!

I LOVE your new blog look by the way!! Have a FANTASTIC time getting your newest family member! Can't wait to meet her! Love you!


Janet and Kevin said...

That girl's got talent!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting, getting closer and closer to Eli

Karin said...

It DOES look strikingly similar....hmmmm... She could make a living doing those characature portraits on the beach someday.

McNew Family said...

The LAST color before leaving! YEAH!!!!! I just did my #3, so we'll see how it plays out! Agency just requested that I get my I800 turned in this week so it is ready!

Karen said...

You are just too funny. Your blog is guaranteed to make me smile. Love Lucy's picture. Can't wait to see Shu-Li's picture of you:-)

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