Saturday, September 5, 2009

5 AM mac-n-cheese

Well, it's another joyfully early morning with
my Lucy Goosey.


And to top it off,
she has me making her mac-n-cheese....
at 5:30 AM.


Oh well...I actually like getting my day started
super early.
Really, I do.
I've gone a million things to do since...
in TWO weeks we will be in

So with all I've got going on,
packing, making lists, blah, blah, blah,
the sewing bug has hit me again
and I'm in the mood to make a quilt
for Shu Li.
And I need to make one for Brenden too
since he is *jealous* of Nick's sexy quilt.

We'll see how far I get with all that today...
there's a certain frat house bathroom
that needs a mother's touch
and I may just have to block off
half the day for that.

Did I mention that in TWO weeks
we will be in Ch*na!?

I simply cannot wait!

Ok, gotta fix me some eggs then dig
into my day!


Angie said...

Well, your Friday wish came true to get up early and start your day! Mac & cheese at that time of the morning???? You are one awesome mom. Me? I think I'd be tossin' 'em a bag a crackers...rabbit food...whatever was closest just to catch a few more winks! So, when is it again you leave for China??? HA!!!

Jean said...

Your gonna be all set for the new china time at this pace! Wow- you have energy!! Making quilts, cleaning and decorating frat house bathrooms (we have one of those, too!) making mac and cheese before the sun rises!

I can feel your energy all the way here in MN. I am canceling my electric company and using Lori power!

Karin said...

You crack me up!! are one of THOSE know, those early riser, cheerful morning people who bother the rest of us?! :))) My stomach would be rolling at the smell of Mac & Cheese at 5AM! :) So, when do you leave for China?


Daveda said...

5 am mac and cheese, I have new level of appreciation for you :) LOL, I am not usually that much of a morning person.

If I were you, i would be excited about China too!! WOOT!

McNew Family said...

Seriously - what is going on with Lucy Paloosey? I am a morning person (or so I thought), but 4 and 5? You are right, though, you'd probably be laying in bed stressing over what still has to be done anyway! Happy packing/planning!

Holly said...

Maybe it was just God waking Lucy up this morning because He knew you would be thankful for the extra time to work. Heaven knows the bathrooms around here need some extra time too! :)


And we are probably going to be going around Oct. 14!!!!!! :)

Nancy said...

I can relate to the frat house bathroom - I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters, the girls had their own bathroom and the boys had theirs, but guess who had to clean both the girls and the boys? Yours truly. And I married the most fabulous man who does everything under the sun around here, but what's the ONE thing he won't do? Right again.

Excited to follow your trip, best wishes to you and your family. I love your blog!
Nancy (friend of Jean's in MN)

JR said...

I'm sooo excited for your trip!! Thanks for posting the itinerary - I'll be prayin' up a storm for you & K-man & sweet Shu Li while you're gone. 2 more weeks!! Woo Hoo!!!

BTW, got any new Lucy pics to post? She is the cutest little gal ever!

mom2eliza said...

Hi Lori, Sarah here from your WACAP group...I just wanted to pop over and say hi since we will be sharing our GZ time and Oath Ceremony together!!! I'm so excited. I see "Jean" out here on your blog-follower/comments too. (Hi Jean!) Jean is adopting from the same SWI and 1 of her 2 darling newest daughters waiting in China is my daughter's friend, in fact she's in all the pictures I have of my daughter! It's going to be nice for our daughters (my daughter is 7) to be around each other in China amidst so many babies and toddlers being adopted...Have fun making lists, packing and cleaning a frat bathroom (?)!

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