Sunday, September 6, 2009

400 calories at church = 0

I have this little "ritual" that I do every Sunday in church.
Right after worship,
I zip back real quick to the coffee bar and grab a cup
of hot water and something "healthy" from the stash
of goodies.
Then I quickly return to my seat and stick a tea bag
in my water.
I can do all this in a mere 30 seconds...give or take.

Well, the same thing took place today, only this time,
instead of getting something delicious
(I use that word quite loosely here),
such as a granola bar,
I threw all caution to the wind and picked up
a cinnamon roll.
As I listened intently to the message,
I quickly discovered that my new-found treat
was quite delicious.

Very delicious, in fact.

"Where have you been all these Sundays?"
I inaudibly asked my packaged new friend (the roll).

Then, half-way through its deliciousness,
I nonchalantly glanced at the back of the wrapper.


400 calories.

Shock and sadness filled my heart.
"Stop eating it, now!"
was what I said to myself next.

But just as quickly,
I finished eating the entire roll.

I decided long ago that calories consumed at
church don't count.

That's my story.

If that wasn't a nothing-filled post,
I don't know what is.


Sally- That Girl! said...

It is impossible for Blogger Lori to leave a nothing-filled post!!!

Thanks for getting my back the other day! Appreciate your words!!!

Elissa said...

Well I had a donut today at church and as of 30 seconds ago, I no longer feel guilty about it!

Karin said...

You crack me up! Um...let's're eating for two, so that's actually 200 calories for you and 200 for Shu Li. :)

And'll lose weight in China with all of their yummy low-cal veggie dishes and all that walking you'll be doing.

McNew Family said...

400 calories????? OH MY STARS!!!! But it was a cinnamon roll - those don't count, right??? And I like what Karin said - you haven't given birth yet, so you are eating for 2!!! I like that!

Adeye said...

400 calories???? I had no idea.

I bet it tasted just heavenly :) Hope you savored every bite.

Angie said...

Isn't it considered a sin to count calories at church? Oh, no...I think I made that one up for myself! :)

christy rose said...

LOL wouldn't that be great 0 calorie food that you eat only at church. Jesus just takes the calories right out miraculously! Dear Lord, I think that is a great idea! PLEASE!

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