Monday, August 10, 2009


Whewy....I've a busy, busy day today!!
I'll tell ya all about it later.


Saturday K-man and my father-in-law worked
on our new homeschool room!
It's coming right along.


I will end this oh-so-short post with a Lucyism.

A couple weeks ago we were at my parents' house and my
mom polished Lucy's nails.

On the way home Lucy said,

"Mama, look! Ninny painted my fingernails and



Jean said...

Hey- you are leaving us hangin?? What have you been so busy with AND a new homeschool room? Tell us all about it!! I can hardly wait!

christy rose said...

Fingertoes? How cute!

Karen said...

I love having a separate room just for homeschooling. We have managed to have one at each of the houses we've lived in (this one is getting crowded with the 6 of them and me:-) I can't wait to see your finished room!

Hmmmmm....what have you been so busy doing? Calling D*ll? Making airline reservations? Come on ....spill the beans:-)

Ted said...

Lucy says the cutest things! I am with the others - what have you been busy doing??

Ted said...

That last comment posted by Ted was really by

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

My oldest son was signed in and still is! I bet you wondered who Ted was?? Hee, hee!!

Adeye said...

Ooohh, how wonderful that you get a homeschool room. I'm a tad envious :)

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