Wednesday, July 1, 2009

emergencies in the country

Living in the country has its perks....
and its annoyances.

I LOVE it!
But when it comes to cell phone
coverage, it's a hit or miss.

Yesterday I was desperately trying
to get a text message to go through
that I was sending to Dw & Linn,
saying that I was praying for Isaiah.


I told Brenden I wanted to throw my
phone up in the air in hopes that somewhere
along the way up (or down) it would
catch a signal & send my text.

He grabbed my phone & put it here....
See my laundry drying in the country breeze?!


Message Sent!

We have actually been considering canceling
our land line and just using our cell phones.

But can you imagine if we had an emergency??

"Excuse me, profusely bleeding loved one, while
I shimmy up the side of the house
to get the perfect dangle off the chimney
so I can get a signal to call 911.
Be right back!"


Lynsay said...

Well the good thing is (following up on your comment) when you are 85 you won't need the discernment about what is or isn't an emergency! The government, and our ridiculously overpriced, publicly funded, but stinky none the less, healthcare system and big brother will have people watching your every move so that YOU don't have to make the decision or hold the discernment, they will!! Won't it be great! If your cell phone doesn't get coverage, just call "big brother" when your loved one is bleeding to death! Oh, I just can't wait!. It is possible that eye gouging with chopsticks and ears bleeding from forks (boy, people are going to wonder about this...) will be considered some type of self inflicted condition that they will not treat or pay for, so watch out! :)

Holly said...


Rhonda said...

Hey Lori,

So glad you stopped by my blog! Yes, the Chapmans are there right now. Mary Beth will be staying for about 5 weeks, so GO to Maria's Big House of Hope and tell her I sent you. She's LOVE to see you. I SO wanted to go on this trip with them, and it had been our plan, but we have so much on our plate right now that we just couldn't. However, we're going next summer and plan to take some dental people with us and provide some needs there at MBHH.

About your Macy Shu exciting! I definitely will be following along to keep up with that news. If you see Mary Beth, tell her her name. Mary Beth always told me I needed to name Macy Li "Macy Beth" after her! haha!

Well, blessings on you and yours' today! My prayers are with you! And I'm actually VERY jealous that you're going! ;)

Hezra said...

you decided on MACY and I missed that?? I check your blog hourly, I mean DAILY(no, not a stalker. lol) I loved Macy and Molly. I laughed like crazy here about the phone. I find if you tilt your head to the south. . . it is better. I have had a run in with bugs and snakes because of my country livin. . .

Nancy said...

You started my day with a really loud LOL.

Jaime said...

haha! when my mom (and some other family) comes to visit me, they can only get reception if they sit in the window of my dining room!

and hey! you decided on macy? and didn't announce it! i love it! (hopefully your sweet shu li will too!)

Chris said...

Totally know about the phone thing. Stay by a window or go outside, put it on speaker phone and hold it up high in the air....that usually works! But go to that foreign country and they are using their cell phones INSIDE marble buildings! how come?

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

hahaha, this is the best.

Shonni said...

You are so cute!!! I love it!

christy rose said...

So So extremely funny! I have caught my kids standing on their beds, holding up their phone to the ceiling trying to get a text message to go through. I am still laughing!

Janet said...

The landline phone comapanies have some people working underground to mess up our signals...because they know we would all cancel our landlines if we could get good cell signals all the time=).
I'm sure you know by now that DW is in the hospital too.
Ideas to help Lucy pass the time when you're gone: playdates, park and zoo visits. Make a paper chain, take 1 link off each night at bedtime to count down the days til you'll be home. Wrap up a small dollar store gift for her to unwrap every day you are away.
Hard decisions--we're on 3rd adoption, 5th kid. We have all traveled the 2 previous trips, but money is so tight now--so we're not sure what to do either. Janet

Live4him said...

LoL!!! OH lori i can just picture you hopping up and down to get signal, i know i have to do that in my basement =)

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