Wednesday, July 29, 2009

donut dreaming

Where, oh where is a donut when I desperately
need one?

Preferably a chocolate iced Bavarian creamed filled, please.

I've moved beyond I'm having


I seriously have no idea what in the world prompted me to write
this post.....except that I'm so hungry for something
yummy to go with my coffee. If you can help, bring
yourself and donuts over right away.


Chris and Sarah said...

Your making me hungry now.

Lisa said...

If I lived close, I would be right there>

Newark, Ohio

Joy said...

oh, now I want a donut too! Gee Thanks! :-)


Sharla said...

That is TOO funny... I am having a HECK of a day... Infected leg from bug bite, AC blew on my jeep, insurance nightmares... I stopped at Auto Zone to see if they could tell if it was my fuse and when they determined that it wasn't, I almost pulled into Dunkin' Donuts!! I wanted a French Cruller so bad I could hardly stand it!! If I were closer, I'd bring you a dozen and eat them with you!!

Debby said...

Bavarian favorite!! I hope you found something to soothe the craving.

Adeye said...

Oh I wish I could deliver that donut personally :) Coffee and a donut--yum!

Hang in there, friend--TA is on it's way!

Janet and Kevin said...

Those donuts look a lot more appetizing than my homegrown zucchinis!! LOL!!

Janet and Kevin
Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Tony and Rett said...

Wish I could have brought you some of our square donuts here. They're YUMMY!

Hope you got your wish. Can't wait to see if you're craving pickles and ice cream tomorrow!

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