Saturday, July 4, 2009

by invitation only

This morning Lucy trapped invited her
daddy into her room for a tea party extravaganza!

From the living room I could hear dishes
clanking and pretend smells filled the air.

So I just had to take a peek to see
see what was cookin'!

And this was the warm reception I got....

The minute she saw me, she jumped up and
started pushing me, telling me to "Go away!"


Whateva, girlfriend! I'll remember this come dinner time.



Sally- That Girl! said...

Ouch! But doesn't it warm your heart to see the love between your hubby and kiddos??? Nothing makes my heart melt more!

Debby said...

Me thinks you were encroaching on the Daddy & Me moment...=)
That is truly wonderful......

Shonni said...

Oh my adorable she is!

christy rose said...

I think that she wanted to be "you" and if you were there that would not be possible. :) How sweet!

Jean said...

My motto is this- "It's okay (a blessing) not to be invited to everything!"

Just think if we were invited to everything- it would be too much. We don't need tooo much. When your daughters aren't invited to a b-day party just remember those words!!!

Honestly I've said them over and over!

Actually I think Christy Rose is right- too cute!!


Holly said...

Sorry, but that is just really precious that she wanted her daddy. I remember once being snubbed by Jacob when he was 2. He said, "I LOVE Daddy." And I said, "Don't you love Mommy?" And he said, "No. I love Daddy!" First I thought, "Whatever! Who's sacrificing their whole life for you??" But then I was just really happy that he loved his daddy so much. I knew he really loved me too. :)

Rhonda said...

Ouch is right! Nothin' like a girl and her Daddy!

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