Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Festivities....or whatever.

Our 4th of July was very uneventful.
Nick is in Alabama with my parents
visiting my grandpa,
and playing golf galore.

Brenden had to work a good chunk of the
day & evening.
Turns out a lot of people go OUT for burgers on the 4th. Go figure.

We did go to a small family gathering for a short bit
but left early to call it a night
since Brenden had an early flight out this morning
to go visit his friend in Tennessee.

But we briefly had a chance to do some fireworks.
In broad daylight. Woot!
Since the punk wasn't lighting this sparkler fast
enough, K-man brought out the big guns.

We sternly warn our children to back away when
we are pulling cookies out of a 350 degree oven
but every July we put 1000+ degree
flaming sticks in their hands
and tell them to dance around. Hmmm.

And dance he did.

My boy.


And as always, a little burning action, thinking
that just telling them to 'be careful' will
prevent such things. Hee.

After three children you think I should know by
now that giving coffee to a toddler in
the late afternoon will prove
to be a bad idea. I should.

This cheesy grin remained until about 11 PM.


Doug and Terrye said...

Looks like the cheesy smile made it all worth it!!! :)

Terrye in FL

Tracy said...

I think with that sweeter than sweet smile from Lucy..I could hang until 11:00. hee hee
And again, your son totally cracks me up. Im thinking theater! Big Time! Most pictures dont usually send me into a fit of laughter, where my family members come running to see if im ok, however...thanks for the morning laugh.

Jean said...

A low key 4th but still fun! Want to go boating with us next year??? We may have a few empty seats! Say your prayers before boarding!! ;-)
We had bad luck 2 out of three years!
Happy 4th!!

Hezra said...

Ha ha ha. . . that is hilarious. And I can see lucy "NO SIDE EFFECTS!!" lol

Kathy said...

OMG!!! If Jaden takes a nap she is up
until 11:00!! I can't imagine how
late she would stay up if I gave
her coffee.
I love the cheesy smile!! :)

Chris said...

Well you live and learn! At least it was a cheesy grin...I had a cheesy whine and she didn't have coffee, just too much icecream

Karin said... should give her some melatonin. It works. :) Glad to be done with the flaming sticks. It was extremely challenging trying to allow my munchkins to do a few. I wish you lived nearby and we could have had you over. :) But maybe the country couldn't take the two of us in such near proximity. hee (I'm thinkin' a trip to China to see Lynsay should be in our future, though!)

Holly said...

I wish I could laugh out loudER on here!!! I LOVE IT! Oh yes. My little guy loves coffee too. : ) And I think your big boy is hilarious! Must take after his dad, lol. :)

Janet said...

Our 4th was about like that. Hey--I thought that boy I saw was Nick--here in AL, just kidding. Where is he playing?
Janet in AL

christy rose said...

Loved the pictures of the dance. Loved it!

Joyful mom said...

Hi Lori,
I have seen your comments on a lot of the same blogs that we read! I always love to read the things you write. So I thought I would stop by to say hi.

I had a look through your blog and have to say that your children are absolutely precious!


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